It sounds Great for oil, how does it work for you?[/QUOTE]

So far so good. This is my second day and I have had no problems with it. It controls oil a little better than other silicone primers for sure, but doesn't leave the skin looking dry or patchy. Yesterday I didn't have to blot until about 2 pm, which is a marked change for me. Let's see how long this holds up. It will be in the 90's today again, so I have so far been impressed with the holding power.

How goes your search for products? I meant to second the suggestion from a poster above that you should concentrate on skincare and not add makeup that tries to treat the problem as well. That is a lot going on. I would look for makeup that will not exacerbate the problem, let the skincare work and wear sun protection at all times so as not to undo the work that your skincare is doing.
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