Over-conditioned AND protein sensitive??

So my hair was too soft/squishy but sort of frazzled at the ends due to over-conditioning. I used 2 different protein treatments on several occasions over the course of a few months but every time I use it my hair feels dry/course and is FLUFFY.

So now I'm left with my over-conditioned hair with apparently no remedy! Help?!
Some of the really strong protein treatments, like Nexsus Emergency/Emergencee and K-Pak, will leave your hair feeling "hard," if you don't do a DT following it. Two "moisturizing" PTs are CJ Curl Fix and SS Repairing Protein Treatment. MUCH different then using the Nexxus products. Another "gentler" treatment is the Elucence Moisture Repair. If you use a moisturizing conditioner after any of these, your hair shouldn't have that dry/coarse feeling.
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I have tried soooo many things to combat this problem. The best advice I have been given (and I'm still trying to find a balance) is to use condish with protein if your stylers are protein free or stylers with protein if your condish is protein free. Wish I could give you better advice. The 2 PTs I like best are GVP K-pak or SS protein treatment. Neither one dries me out.
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