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Hi all,
So, right now I have Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner and a soemwhat gentle shampoo (L'Oreal Vive; it has a mild sulfate but it also has cones so I'm trying to get rid of it and still trying to decide which poo to try next). As I posted before, when I poo and then condition and go to sleep, when I wake up I have big floppy curls (like 3a/b; then they go away when I move around but that's a different story). However, if I don't poo, just condition, I don't get *any* curls.

So, do you think it's the wrong conditioner? The wrong poo? Some buildup from the poo? Or buildup from the conditioner? Any ideas?? My hair is super healthy-looking and shiny (but maybe that's from the cones??).

My curls are such that I believe I may actually be a curly, not a wavy, but I still need to find the HG! I'm starting with what I have on hand, and if I know what is wrong, I can then know what I need to change. But first I need to know if it's the poo or the conditioner or something else. I don't want to become a PJ just to find the HG! I don't have much money!!

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Cones do add the shininess of the hair, which is why it's hard for people to do without them!

The first thought I had when I read your post was that it sounds like you need a curl-enhancing product after you condition. I know it's hard to find stuff without arousing the PJ Monster - unfortunately it does take trying different stuff to see what works.

For cheap stuff, I'd try the Garnier Fructis Sleek-n-Shine conditioner and the matching conditioning leave-in or the Curl-n-Shine conditioner and matching leave-in. I can use the leave-ins as a styler and get good curls and waves. The Soft Curl Cream is also very good, although it has a cone in it. It works best to put in soaking wet hair. It gives nice waves/curls as well as body and volume.

I just tried a new product that's being raved about on the product hair board and it's good! It's L'Oreal's Out of Bed Instant Texture. No cones and does the same as the GF Soft Curl Cream.

Re:coil is probably the best curl enhancer but it's expensive and takes some getting used to on how to use it.

Jessicurl's Rockin' Ringlets is a good, too. It's a liquidy gel.

Some other curlies can chime in on some other good curl enhancers if they think that's what you need .
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