PT recipe - as promised

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I love these PTs! I have just been doing the basic recipe. The one thing that always plagues me is that I get little clumps of gelatin I have to fish out before using the mixture on my hair. I finally figured out that rather than dissolving it directly in boiling water, you can first sprinkle the gelatin packet over 1 Tbsp cold water to soften it, then pour boiling water over this and stir to dissolve. Zero clumps!

Thank you so much IAgirl for this awesome recipe!
Originally Posted by wavymom
Pure genius!!! SO glad you like the PT - and so glad you shared your lump-free technique.
I did the no gelatin clump cold water thing tonight and it worked like a charm!

Since I was long overdue for this, I thought I'd experiment tonight and just test my protein threshold a bit, since I've yet to OD on protein.

My recipe tonight was 1/8 cup water, 1 packet gelatin, 1/4 tsp ACV, a squirt of NPF, and a small squirt of ION effective care. I've always used conditioner in it, I like the consistency of it better. Less runny.

Poo'd beforehand like I always do, didn't feel too stripped. Hair wasn't dripping but it was wet. The PT spread through it easily, slapped a shower cap on, and sat in a hot bubble bath for 30 minutes. Drank a beer too, but that's irrelevant right?

I figured if I was gonna OD on protein, tonight was gonna be it - collagen, wheat protein, keratin, oh my! Just about every protein in the world in there. So I had my trusty DT ready.

It rinsed out easily, and STILL no dryness or straw feeling. Followed it up with a light YTC rinse out and I'm good to go. Even though I should be used to it by now, it still amazes me how my hair drinks up and reacts to protein. I know using conditioner in it can counteract that dry feeling but the minimal amount of condish in my PT is nothing compared to what I use for an RO.

Air drying tonight, will re-wet and style tomorrow morning, and while my canopy and front layers are still weak comparatively, my bottom layer is nothing but soft clumpy corkscrews
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Yay! Glad the no-clump technique is useful for others. Fishing out the clumps isn't that bad, but as I fished them out all I could think about was that it was that much less gelatin going on my protein-thirsty hair.

Your hair sounds a lot like mine lcl - I have yet to overdo protein. But I haven't tried as much at once as you did! The only time my hair felt quite rough and a bit tangly was when I just did water, gelatin, and ACV in the PT. But then I used a light rinse out and the tangles slipped right out.
Finally went to the store yesterday and picked up a box of Knox gelatin. I've been meaning to try it forever and last night I did!

I almost bought their big box of 32 packets -- it was $10 -- but I thought -- what if my hair really doesn't like protein -- I've been CG for about a year -- but I still feel like such a noob -- so much to learn.
I mixed up the basic recipe -- first I used the hot shower on my head (with a plastic bag -- it really is LOUD!) then I used the bow dryer on my head for a bit. I should have maybe towel dried my hair a bit after I washed it (before PT) and detangled before PT -- not sure I got the most thorough distribution. I did a JC DT for a few minutes in the shower while I shaved my legs, then my normal LI (I'm using Renpure Keratin so more protein) and regular routine.

I washed late last night, pineappled while my hair was still a little damp and went to bed. My first clue that it helped was that my hair wasn't nearly as drippy/wet as I expected it to be when I went to bed -- normally it takes my hair about 4 hours to air dry (5 to be bone dry all the way through). After about 3 hours my hair was just so much dryer than I expected it to be. (That's a sign of low porosity right -- taking forever to dry? Which means it probably needs protein?)

Today I can't believe how soft my hair is!! And now I get the phrase "feeling more like hair." More curly -- but I still want it to be bigger 'fluffier' clumps of curls (might be my technique!). My hair also feels a lot thicker. I sense a LOT more PT's in my future! Thanks IAgirl!
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Glad you like it! Perhaps the protein did make your hair less porous, so it dried quickly. It often does make hair dry faster. Ha, I often use protein after a PT too. They're useful cosmetics, after all! Enjoy!
I feel like my hair is curlier -- but stringier curls -- not well clumped big curls. Any suggestions? I don't know if it's my products or technique or both.
CG since spring '11 and still learning
2c/3a (I think), high porosity, drugstore dyed (hate my gray!)
Give it a day or 2 and see how it looks then. Also, when you think you've rinsed the gelatin out well enough, rinse just a little more.
This is my second time using it. The first time was a disaster with the banana but I had a series of good hair days after. Anyways I never really thought I needed protein but lately my hair's been just big, lifeless and ratty looking especially on the ends. Well I started to wonder if maybe it was the PT that helped my last time.

So today... I did it again ... but instead of banana I added in the 2 tablespoons of conditioner. (Renpure Organix .. the red bottle). I also softened the gelatin with the tablespoon of cold water as recommended in previous posts.

Anyways what am I having is a great hair day . curls have bounced back at the ends. hair is a little frizzy but wurls are defined. I used the IA girl's fsg curl cream after the treatment btw.
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Glad to hear it worked (without the banana disaster). You might want to consider Pedaheh's super-rich recipe which you can find here: Pedaheh's Hair Blog: Gelatin Protein Treatment
Curls bouncing back is exactly what you want from a PT. Big shout-out to Wavymom who solved the gelatin-lump problem.
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I love this PT. However, this week after I finished my DT, my hair flash dried... which I've never had before. I've been having a very blah week for waves ever since and I"m not sure if it's due to the PT (maybe I need to drop down to every 2 weeks since the condition of my hair has been improving?) or something else.
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Mine can flash-dry with the full packet of gelatin, so I usually use the "half packet" recipe or 1 and 1/8 teaspoons gelatin. If you are using vinegar or citric acid in the PT, try leaving that out.
I just have a quick question, if you are doing weekly PTs and weekly DTs, how long should you wait between them? Like i imagine doing the PT, rinsing and immediately going into DT is bad, but im just not sure how many days to space them. Thanks!

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I do my DT immediately following my PT (this is especially important if your hair is prone to dryness). Some people don't need extra moisture following protein, but many of us do.

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I do my DT immediately following my PT (this is especially important if your hair is prone to dryness). Some people don't need extra moisture following protein, but many of us do.

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Originally Posted by Corrina777
+1 to this, I generally leave my PT on for 30-45 mins since my hair loves protein, then do a DT for 5 mins, get out of the shower and go about styling my hair...because you are only washing out the PT and DT (i.e. not using cowash, low poo, etc.), I don't think it can be that bad doing them one right after the other
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Oh good, that makes me happy. I really want to do them back to back like that (like have a hair pampering day lol), I just wasn't sure if I'd mess my hair up lol. Thanks guys!

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Medium-fine texture, High density, Normal porosity, Normal elasticity, APL.

What happens to you here is forever
I finally did another PT today (so much for doing it every 2 weeks). I used the blow dryer for a lot longer this time -- my hair felt nasty! (but I think it was way more effective) Then it took FOREVER to detangle it. My hair is naturally kinda tangly and I didn't think to detangle it first. I definitely won't forget again! It now is looking really great!
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CG since spring '11 and still learning
2c/3a (I think), high porosity, drugstore dyed (hate my gray!)
I tried this recipe last night... and by "tried this recipe" I mean I winged it and probably did it wrong LOL. I pretty much measured nothing. I was kind of scared I would over protein because I did an hour with heat of AO GPB on Saturday (which it loved! (today is Wednesday)), but I'm doing color Monday and will be out of town this weekend so I wanted to get a shot of protein in. I did it now so that if I DID over protein I could get a good DT in before Friday too.

Anyhow, I was also afraid if i made it before I washed my hair then tried to do it it would gel before I was ready, so I washed with AOHR Shampoo to remove buildup then got out to make the PT.

I softened a packet of the Knox in some water while I let my Keurig brew um... the second to largest cup size (consults google) 10oz? of hot water. Then I mixed in the gelatin into the hot water, waited a little then added some honey and some coconut oil. My coconut oil is solid so i wanted it in there still hot so it would melt. I mixed and waited a little, added a few drops of almond oil, some AVG, some ACV and some conditioner (Curls - Coconut Curlada) into the mug and headed back upstairs.

When I got the shower going again it was still pretty hot, so I made my towel dried hair a little damper. Then I stood there periodically shoving my hand in the mug waiting for it to cool and whatever came out on my hand went on the bangs lol. Anyhow, it was still pretty hot and not gelling at all (isn't it supposed to be just starting to gel?), but not too hot to touch when I got sick of waiting.

So I just kind of worked around my head and just dunked my hair into the mug and then gently scrunched the dripping strands when i pulled them out. I did this until it felt like everything was saturated and then dumped the rest on top and worked it in. I put on a shower cap and stood under the hot water for some time. probably about 5 minutes, not sure. Then I rinsed. and rinsed. and it occured to me I had no idea how to tell if it was all out so i rinsed some more. It was a bit rough and tangly so I put in some AOHR conditioner to detangle. left in about 2 minutes and rinsed in cold water figuring it'd be the fastest way to see if there was still gelatin in it. Put in some KCKT and some KCCC and left to airdry. at about 90% I got tired, pineappled and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning It looked gorgeous!!! There were only small clumps but it was so shiny and it was soft (not crunchy or hay like) but felt significantly more substantial (more like hair, I think someone said ). Anyhow, I had loose, shiny 'rockstar' waves and almost did absolutely nothing to it this morning.

Since I was up early (wasn't sure if I'd need to redo it all) I decided to be greedy and try and get better clumps. I sprayed a little water on the ends and then panicked because I hadn't taken a picture of how the PT worked!! So I snapped these of mostly dry (damp ends), significantly less fuzzy and very shiny rockstar waves... before I did anything else to it lol.

Sorry for the novel, I'm just so excited!!! Have I mentioned that I love your treatment IAGirl??
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Looks like you hit the recipe right!
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IAgirl, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE this protein treatment! I had been lazy for a long time and just never bought the gelatin to try it until about a month and a half ago. I just use the bare bones recipe once a week (my hair reallyloves protein) and the improvement is dramatic. Every time I do it my bf comments on how nice my hair looks and feels I tell him I put liquified horse bones in it that day LOL. This should be a sticky. My hair has never looked better. Thank you so much!!
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I'm posting here because I want to subscribe!

Also wondering if this will help my limp waves become curly(er)?

I have 2b/2c medium porosity, medium width hair. I'll give it a go and post results!
Someone help me make my hair look like Merida from Brave that's all I want.

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