Do you think this is 2 or 3?

I found a picture of a hair style I like, but I'm thinking it's a CURLY style and not wavy. Sigh...

I'm afraid I'd just look like this:

Not what I want....

Right now I am growing my hair out, but I know how this works. At some point I'm going to get ticked off but how freakin long it takes to dry, style wash - you name it - and I'll chop it back off again! LOL! This is what I am working towards now...

Hi, I think the first one is more wavy than curly. My hair would probably look like that if I cut it short since I have wavy 2C-3A hair. My hair seems to curl more in the back though like hers looks like it is doing. At least it does to me. I really like the third pic too but like you, I get tired of it after so long of having to wash and dry it that I end up cutting it short. Then I grow it out again. I get very bored with my hair.
2C-3A??? Currently using Curly Q Milkshake, 3-minute Aussie Miracle, using non-sulphate shampoos, MopTop Pomade, Boots curl creme, always looking for that next miracle product for my hair! My PJ is never satisfied.
I think that's a wavy hair hair is cut similar to that but my hair seems quite a bit curlier overall and I would say that I'm probably a 3a.


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