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so for my hair there is no second day. while i sleep my hair flattens the curls and frizzes out all at the same time. So i have to get my hair wet every morning, also I like to take baths so I have started to my washcloth method. basically I use the wash cloth to scrunch my hair while wetting it at the same time. it works really well to reactivate and reform my curls. I can do this for a few days before needing to co wash. even then I use the washcloth to rinse/scrunch my conditioner out it really allows you to control the amount of water used and the amount of conditioner left in while keeping your curls intact.
Oooh! I can see why this would work well... I don't get good results from spray refreshing... Im going to try this out!

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That is a brilliant idea SunGirl86...I am going to give it a try too! Thanks for posting!
Do you use a terry wash cloth? I was just wondering if it gives you some frizz like terry towels do? This sounds like a great idea I was just worried about my easily frizzy hair. Maybe I could wet a t-shirt instead...
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I'll have to try this too!!
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I was wondering the same thing about the frizz-factor. Maybe if you use a micro-fiber washcloth? Hmnn...interesting idea, at any rate. Glad it's working for you!
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This is how I've managed to style my now 4 year old
grandaughter's hair. She's very skittish about anyone
wetting her hair down, and runs away from the spray bottle.
With the washcloth I can gently sneak up on her as she watches TV and wet it enough to detangle. She doesn't mind it AS much.
thanks to answer your question about frizz it does sometimes cause this usually on the 2nday but i find the styling step usually gets rid of it. after I am done with my bath i squeeze scrunch my hair with my hands then gently with my dog towel (a really great micorofiber towel that works better than any "curl" towel i have used and got it on sale then I use ions rinse out repair conditioner as a leave in then use towel to scrunch out any left over moisture and then flip my head upside down for my gel and then back up for my clips and any last min scrunching. I may air dry or diffuse and then when all dry scrunch with some oil (use a great massage oil that smells great and is mineral oil free) or coconut oil by that time no frizz left in sight. I have been playing around with using an old cut up tee for a wash cloth but found did not do the job of wetting and caused more frizz but I do use it for third round, round one is wetting then round two is curl form and sometimes wringing some water on top of head missed a spot but just a little, then i usually wring out the cloth and go again to get out some water and for even better curl formation that is when I find the tee is better.
So, do you wet your hair with the washcloth? Is that how I understand that? Can this method be done at the sink?

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sounds intriguing.. i might have to give it a try. I've been very slack of late with my hair (started a new job and then i've managed to pick up a cold!) I need to get back on the wavy love bandwagon... will give this a try.
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Good tip!
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Yes you should be able to do it over the sink
I tried this yesterday for my 2nd day hair it actually worked pretty well. Especially considering I had terrible 1st day hair. I had to soak the wash cloth twice. It worked better than spritzing! Thanks for the tip!
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I still use Tresemme Fine Mist hairspray for the side swept bangs...I can't live without it!
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I just picked up a microfiber face towel at the dollar store and found it seems to work the best.
Just got a couple of microfiber towels 2 days ago. Am going to try this tomorrow. Hope it works, I never ever get second day hair.
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Tried this today (since I won't go anywhere) and I don't think it works for me. I used a washcloth made of what is called "teddy cloth" here, its a very very soft material and it caused a whole lot of frizz.
Furthermore a part of my hair was a tangled mess even though I pineappled over night so I had to excessivly rewet it (with my hands) so I could detangle. Afterwards I scrunched with the washcloth and scrunched in some products. It's still wet so I don't know how it will turn out in the end.
Maybe my hair is just not made for 2nd day.
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I tried this after pineappling for second day hair yesterday, and it worked like a charm! Best second day hair I've had so far. Thanks for posting!
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This is the best second day method that I've come across. Thanks for posting!!! I tried it this morning to spruce up the ends of my curls since they usually get really flat after waking. It worked really well. Usually I can't wet or sprtiz my hair 2nd day because it goes stringy and frizzy but this method keeps the clumps, doesnt cause frizz and reactivates the product!!! I just used a wet wringed out wash cloth and scrunched.
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Wow! I tried this today and it worked great! I will tweak how I do it, the styling, blah blah...but I am very pleased!! My hair is low-porosity so getting it completely wet is a huge pain for me - but I had to before because just spritzing it caused major frizz! This technique worked great and since it did not fully saturate the hair like putting it under running water, it dried much quicker than normal (though still took a while *sigh*) Thanks so much for sharing!!

(fyi - I used a small microfiber towel to do this.)
remember, with all advice or suggestions for your hair, YMMV!!
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i've had success with this method as well. i just used a regular washcloth and reapplied the same stylers from the previous day.
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