I think I need to try some new products...

Ok so here's the deal:
I've been CG since august. It took me about a month or two to figure out what products to use and how to style my hair. And I cut about 7 inches off of my hair. My curls/waves were starting to look amazing and then winter hit and if I left the house with my hair wet, it froze. Im a pretty low maintenance person (and I just really like my sleep) so I started blowdrying it straight since it takes less time. However, I now want my curls back. I've been using yes to carrots conditioner (and shampoo when necessary) and SS CEJ, KKCC, and BRHG. My hair doesn't look anything like it used to. It feels dry and yet it's limp, like its COed? I'm thinking it's maybe because I'm using the SS CEJ and KKCC together (I've heard that might be too much aloe)? What do you guys think? I really want my curls to look good!
I have before and it didn't work out very well for me. However, it has been awhile so I might try it again soon. Thanks

Anyone else have suggestions?
As for me I started blow drying for extra length and once I'd do my twist out the straight part of my hair which was the crown started showing no curl definition no life so I stopped using any type of heat...
Getting your curls back I'm not sure bc I've read all kinds of stories that they don't come back but don't get upset I actually do not know
Try my solution that worked for a friend of mine after she dyed her hair and had the same issues dry brittle life less hair with no curl definition...
A mixture of 3 tablespoons honey to 1 tablespoon evoo r if u need more added an extra tablespoon of each heat n microwave for 15 secs and saturate the hair place plastic cap on wrapped in towel for 30 min to 3-4-5 hours it can't hurt use an organic shampoo to wash out and condish go about your regimen...
Gd luck!

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I found that my hair can only handle protein in small amounts every so often. Maybe try a little bit and only do it sometimes. I do it every 2-3 weeks and just add a little gel with it in it (like LAlooks) and it helps me. If I try to do it again the next day it's awful! That may be too much aloe also. Maybe try backing off on the one that has the most of it in it and see what happens.
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I still use Tresemme Fine Mist hairspray for the side swept bangs...I can't live without it!
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Here is what too much aloe does to my hair-
It makes is look heavy, oily, wet when dry. Fake shine. I get frizz that floats away from my head like it has been rubbed with a balloon or i stuck my finger in a light socket.

Over conditioned hair feels mushy when wet. When you do the stretch test, it streeeetches and does not return to its original shape (stretching 1/3 its length and returning is normal). I've also heard it described as cotton candy hair. I'm not sure what that means, but I'd guess if you have it you'd know.
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i'm sure some of the girls can tell you right away, but my hair acted like that when i had TOO much protein. It was hidden in so many of my products and then I protein treated once a week as well. My waves fell out.

also (for me) SS has great products but many have jojoba oil in them. that really weighed my hair down.

all our hair is different, but something to look into.

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