how do I know if I need a leave-in?

Hi Wavy Ladies! My first post, exciting.

I am starting my CG life tomorrow morning (well, I've been no-pooing for a couple of days, but not using the correct conditioner and gel). I am going to the store tonight to pick up my new no-poo, conditioner, and gel tonight and was wondering if I should go ahead and buy a leave-in conditioner or wait a couple of days and gauge my fizz level? I live in Atlanta and the humidity is already starting to climb so the leave-in might be required. Thanks ladies and I am excited to share my true wavy hair with the world!
You can just use some of your rinse out conditioner as a leave in. Leave in conditioner you buy is usually a more expensive, watered down version of regular conditioner. Start with about a pea size. You will eventually get a feel for how much leave-in you need. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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The only thing with using a regular Rinse Out as a LI is that it may cause flaking or it may not mix well with stylers. LI's are formulated for the purpose of being left in your hair, they aren't necessarily expensive watered down versions it really depends on the individual product Some rinse outs would be too heavy to use as a LI for a wavy or it may be too light. The best thing to do is experiment yourself to see what works for your hair. I'm very picky about my LI's and very few of the many that I've tried really work well for me. The only rinse out I've been able to use as a LI has been CJ Rehab.

ETA: Starting with a pea size is a good suggestion. I personally get over moisturized using LI's during the warmer months.
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