co wash or low poo?

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I've been doing the cowash thing and I'm not sure if I just have to get used to it or if I need to just switch over and do low poo. My question is will I get the same cg results if I low poo? I thought that going cg was really about no poo. If you do low poo, how often do you do it? do you just condition or rinse the other days? My hair is pretty fine and gets weighed down easily, I'm guessing it's pretty porous too. I feel like I can no poo and do pretty well, but if I no poo I need to wash almost everyday to get the hair feeling nice. I really want to be committed so if low poo doesn't get the same results as no poo then I might want to try and stich out the adjustment period. thanks again!
I wish i could cowash all the time, but sadly this is not the case. If I cowash exclusively I get limp hair and a fair amount of buildup. I usually have to low-poo a couple times a week and sulfate poo every once in a while. I have really hard water so buildup tends to be a problem. I just try to get my hair feeling as clean as possible without it feeling stripped.
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I haven't been CG for very long, two months or so. But from my experience, it is important to really give it a chance. I co-washed exclusively for the first month. Then I had a little incident with wax that needed a low-poo. I low-pooed 3 or 4 times then went back to co-washing only. I just 'listen' to my hair. If I felt like my hair isn't as 'clean' as I would like it, I would low-poo in a jiffy! I think we are all a little too used to the squeaky clean feeling poo gives us and it takes a little time to get used to a healthier, more natural clean. When you say you wash everyday, do you mean co-wash? Or do you do water washes in between? When I felt my hair adapting to co-washing and become a lot healthier, I sarted co-washing every other shower or so and doing water washes in between. My hair is no dirtier! I just make sure I scrub my scalp well.
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Yeah, I meant that I *feel* like I need to no poo everyday because it feels great and clean that day, but feels yucky the following day. I can't imagine that no pooing everyday is very good for my hair, so not sure how do go about all of this
I can co-wash never. That does not mean that I am not CG. I am pretty militant CG if you ask others. NO cones of any kind, even water soluble or PEG cones. Ever.

My hair is wavy. NOT curly. It is fine-medium and to get any curl to it at all, it has to be very clean and I get OC'd faster than anyone I have read of here. My hair is weird.

There has been some misinformation on the boards as of late. A couple are as follows:

CG is NOT all about Co-washing!!!! It is about treating your hair like cashmere, a fine garment. It is about achieving the healthiest hair you can with minimal harsh ingredients and chemicals. Co-washing can be a part of that or it may not. Either way.

LowPoo is a sulfate free (NOT low sulfate. Shampoo either has sulfates or it does not) shampoo. Shampoo has surfactants (cleansers). Some are more harsh (sulfates and Olefin Sodium as examples) and others are more gentle. CG certainly allows for a gentle cleansing.

You have to do what is best for your hair but I have really seen a lot of "throwing out the baby with the bath water", all or nothing approaches and that is unfortunate. Even adopting one CG element will help your hair.

I happen to lowpoo every other day and I mist and diffuse the other. Your hair will let you know what is best!
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I think here in NC Land people either love co-washing and it works amazingly for them or they hate it because it does nothing or makes their hair too limp and adds buildup. I am in the second camp. I tried co-washing but it just made my hair limp and might have contributed to the scalp issues I was having. I do waaaaaaaaay better with low-pooing and even a sulfate wash once in a while.

You really haveto just do what works best for your hair and scalp. You can still be CG (or mod CG) whether you co-wash or not. It won't make much sense to do something that is making your worse just because other people might be doing it!!! Keep experimenting and stay positive!
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I agree with JAJC that there is some misinformation on the boards and what is CG. Using botanical sulphate free cleansers is what the new CG book mentioned for washing. That can be a sulphate free shampoo, conditioner or creamy cleanser like Deva No Poo or CJ Daily Fix.

The whole idea of using a lighter conditioner to wash your hair and then following with a heavier rinse out is something that I heard about here on NC. In the CG book she has you washing your hair ONCE with with the same conditioner. When wavies in particular have problems with co washing because they think they need to "wash" with V05 or Suave and then don't have great results, I wonder if they would like the results if they just washed once with their rinse out.
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Cowash weighed me down. So I lowpoo 1-2x/ week with great success.
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I low poo a couple times a week and either cowash or water wash the other days. My hair gets too greasy and limp if I just cowash.

I did have to sulfate wash yesterday because I felt like I had some build up. I sulfate wash about once every couple or months. It almost pains me but I gotta say, my hair felt pretty nice though!
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I'm one who loves cowashing. It really works well for me, except for one thing...The conditioner builds up on my hair. Because of that I need an occasional low poo. I low poo 2-3 times a month in my super cold winters. Last summer I low pooed once a week.
I've always had better luck using 2 conditioners. I think that may be because conditioner likes to attach itself to my hair. A 2nd conditioner will have better luck removing the first conditioner then the first one would have removing itself.
I'd never be afraid to try a low poo for the first time if you think you might need/want one. It can't do much harm, but it can do a lot of good. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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