DevaCurl Mist-er Right?

Mist-er WRONG for me!

Has this been sort of useless to some? I tried it this morning and and other times and it really does nothing to my hair, it's sort of soapy and sticky while I'm scrunching it in...don't like the smell either so didn't win points with me...and let me not get started at how frizzy my hair is lol

Anything similar I can try....I'm starting to be an unbeliever with these "botanical sprays" to spruce up the curls the 2nd day...

I should just prep water+OneC in a small spray bottle...

Is it 1/2 oz of OC and 1 oz or water?

Any other suggestions?
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Trying them all! So far, not settling down... FL is a challenge!

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Some love it, many (including me) have had the results you had.

Get a couple of spray bottles. Experiment.

I use just distilled water with a few drops of lavender essential oil because my hair does not need extra moisture.

Others combine that with a thin gel or conditioner, FSG, aloe, etc.
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