Got a Haircut, Need New Product Recs

I've been like this for the last 10 years:

It got better a few years ago when I went naturally wavy. Here I am as of Tuesday's cut and blow dry:

And here I am after washing it:

The only leave-in product I've been using is Jessicurl's Confident Coils. I'm now feeling like it's too stiff for this cut, which really swung around when it was blown dry. Are there any products you like for hair that lets it move a bit more than CC? Rockin' ringlets give me frizz, and gelabration didn't do much for me. I haven't really tried much else.

My hair is fine and thin (when I tie it up it's the diameter of a nickel), best on the first day, a little oily on the second, medium porosity.

I use Tresseme naturals for shampoo and conditioner. Also open to changing that if it would make a difference, but it has to be color safe. Thanks in advance!
I don't really have any advice but you're new hair 'do looks fantasic!!! Good luck!!!
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Cut looks great, and I'd suggest SS FHG. Loads of people like CJ CIAB but it might not have as much hold. How much CC are you using? Are you using less now that your hair is much shorter?

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I might try the CIAB, since I'm looking for something lighter at this point. Thanks so much!

I think I did use too much JC CCSS even when my hair was longer. Or, I think if I scrunched too much it would get frizzy so I just left it and didn't realize how stiff it was feeling until it was free. Thanks again.
Your hair looks very shiny and healthy Maybe it's the way you are applying the products? Have you tried alternating it head upside down or diff. ways or pixie diffusing it?
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