defined curls

I used to have quite thick 3a curls- defined ringlets, but then my hair grew longer and I lost the curl to a strange wave with random kinks in! So I go it restyled, cut a lot short (just below shoulders) and a layer put in which I hoped would create my ringlets again- but it hasn't!! It's still only about 2b waves, i use curling shampoo&conditioner and a frizz mousse after washing but doesn't seem to help much!
Can anyone help me get my curls back!?!

How old are you? Hair changes, especially in the teens. I have two teenage daughters, one was curly as a child and is very loosely wavy now; the other had very straight hair and is now curly. Not anything to do with damage, just normal changes.

So if it's just changed, not much you can do.

If it's just kind of stuck because you have been wearing it so long, it should bounce back over time - when I cut mine from below-the-hips length to mid back and then shoulder length it did bounce back but a couple of years in it's definitely curlier so over time & with gentle treatment it recovered more curl.

Make sure you let it know you want it to curl, always scrunch it and do not stretch it out if you can help it, condition a lot and do not strip the oils with strong shampoo; if you can avoid silicones and sulfate shampoos it helps.

Good luck
2c / C / iii (FIA)
Med-Coarse, LowPorosity, NormalElast (LCLF)

Shoulder-Length now.

Wash: DevaCare Low Poo
Detangle & Rinseout: Walgreens or Sally's Conditioning Balm (always)
Leave-in: DevaCare OneC (budget choice is GFTN)
Style: ReCoil & DevaCare Arc Angel (budget choices are HESMU or Got2BSpikedUp)


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