remembering why I hated the old days of sulfates and silicones...

I had my roots colored and all over lowlights done today at the salon (gorgeous color job). However, the products they used were ridiculous and of course, their version of mousse was a joke also. My poor hair couldn't wait to get home and grab the first CG approved condish and styler I could find to soak in some moisture!

Oh how glad I am to know how to love my hair well!
Curl Pattern:2b Texture: medium
Porosity: med to high Density: med Elasticity: normal
Lowpoo: (2x/wk) Shea moisture retention/ Mop C
Cowash: Mop C/ AHRC
Deep cond: Darcy's pumpkin seed condish/ SS deep
Leave in: CJ curl assurance condish
Stylers: SS CEJ, CJ Aloe Fix Lite
Hair hates: JC rockin' ringlets/CJ CIAB/AG recoil
Hair loves: super soaking/ protein/ ACV rinses
mod CG since 7/09
I had the same experience. I don't even let my stylist style my hair anymore. Nobody ever gets my hair right anyway. I leave with my hair wet or in a french braid and then come home and re-do it.
V05 Lime cowash/SN Pomegranite RO FSG and LOOB
I still use Tresemme Fine Mist hairspray for the side swept bangs...I can't live without it!
Curl Genie: Medium-fine texture, normal porosity, low elasticity, medium density
Me too! Last time I went to get highlights I just said leave it alone I'll style it at home, it was a frizzy mess and hard to come back to's awful what we do to color/highlight our hairs, that's just for the first couple of days though, after that we sure nurture it!
"iron clothes not hair"
2b (blonde highlights)

Trying them all! So far, not settling down... FL is a challenge!

*Modified CG since Feb'2011

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