Holy hold, Batman!

So I have a bit of a problem. I made a new batch of FSG yesterday and added a little honey, or I thought it was a LITTLE honey! I used it like I always do, comb some through my soaking wet hair, super soak, scrunch in some more scrunch out water and plop for about 30 minutes. Re-wet the length with some water and scrunch in bit more mixed w LALSG, but didn't use quite as much as normal for my last scrunch in, then diffused til about %70-%80 dry.
I have serious helmet hair! I can't even SOTC! If I used a little coconut oil to SOTC would that help loosen it up?
That's funny -- I've never had that problem with honey before. I can actually load it in there, and I don't notice a huge difference!

I think oil should help you SOTC, or maybe some conditioner.

Good luck!
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LMAO! I know. I swear it wasn't that much! My last batch didn't have any honey and I could have poured the whole bottle on head and not scrunched any out and it wouldn't have gotten crunchy. I only added maybe 1 tsp to triple the normal 1 cup recipe. It worked out pretty well though. I did SOTC with coconut oil, the crunch magically disappeared and my hair was super smooth, shiny, moisturized and CURLY! Not wavy.. curly! Most of it anyway, still had some 2c waves but most of it bounced up into big spiral 3a curls! They lasted all day, with absolutely NO frizz. Even in the wind and the fairly high dew point we had yesterday.
That's the awesome thing about honey-hold. It holds better than any darn gel out there for the awesomest hair possible. But the crunch can be downright painful! Glad the SOTC with coconut oil worked - even with your fine hair.

I may go back to adding a gob of honey or agave and try the SOTC with coconut oil. I'm inspired!!!
Lol on the honey crunch, it can be painful! I've noticed that different honeys can give different hold too. My last batch of FSG I put in equal amounts of honey and agave, it made the crunch not so bad that time.
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If I can remember, I'll have to try adding honey to my FSG again and see what happens.
Yea for your curly hair.
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If I can remember, I'll have to try adding honey to my FSG again and see what happens.
Yea for your curly hair.
Originally Posted by pedaheh
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Dogonnit, I just made a fresh batch of FSG this morning.
Sticky sweet stuff.
My second day hair wasn't nearly so crunchy. I think maybe the honey mixed with the LALSG made it super strong. Or maybe it because I only added a glob to damp hair. IDK. At any rate even my second day hair held up fairly well! Which usually by the end of the second day it gets to looking pretty frizzy and weighed down.
If I can remember, I'll have to try adding honey to my FSG again and see what happens.
Yea for your curly hair.
Originally Posted by pedaheh
I was pretty excited about the extra curl! I think it had a lot to do with the high dew points and my thirsty hair loving the extra humectant.
Not really sure why the crown didn't spring up in a mini-fro of frizz though..
Yay honey! I'd use it all the time if it didn't attract bees and wasps, to me anyway.
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