my hair has two different

I have very thin, very fine long hair. My hair is really flat/slightly wavy on top and doesn't start is slightly wavy at chin level, but doesn't start to curl until the last 3 inches. However, when I bring all my hair to the front, the underside is curly. My hair is really long, like below my waist, so maybe it is getting weighed down by its length? Last year when it was a good 3 inches shorter is was curlier all over and had more volume. Now it's like medium-sized ringlets at the ends, no volume, and completely flat on top. (Also idk if this matters, but my ends are somewhat dry and are curlier, but the top feels a little more moisturized..? Last year my hair started coming out more than usual so I thought maybe i was damaging it and i switched to the cg method, and now it grew a lot but then it started getting frizzy as the day goes on, which never happened to me before,and is flatter...)

So why is it so flat on top now? Is there anything I should do to fix it? Should I get it cut? I'm afraid that if I get it cut the curly ends will come off and then the rest of it will just stay in the boring waves it has adopted on top...

Thanks for your help! Sorry it's kinda long XP
Where to start? Your curl pattern is completely normal. Uneven curl patterns are normal. In fact, wavies with even curl patterns are rare. The top layer is exposed to the elements, so it is normal to have a curlier under layer. Waves that start at ear level are completely normal too.

Since you have fine hair, protein treatments should help. Protein can help your hair/waves/curls support themselves.

Your longest hair is the oldest and the most damaged. This is why that part of your hair is the driest. You may need to treat the ends differently then roots. Then ends may need more PTs and DTs.

The #1 suspect for your hair getting frizzy would be humectants in humidity. When the dew points go above 70 humectants (like glycerin) draw too much moisture to the hair and cause it to frizz.

What to do with your hair style is up to you. If you cut some length off, it will probably weigh your hair down less. But, you will probably loose the spirals at the ends. It is a trade off. To get more volume, try to take some of the weight from the water off it as it dries. If you aren't already, try plopping or diffusing. Clipping may also work. I don't know the tricks for styling extra long hair. Mine doesn't grow. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
2a ( 2bFi (Fia), very fine, thin, low/normal elasticity, porous, CG, doesn't get weighed down
Cowash: Tresemme naturals
Rinse out/leave in: Renpure Organics (red)
Curl enhancer: FSG
Gel: BRHG, Salon care aloe, Ecostyler Krystal (normal dews)
PT: ION effective care, IAgirl's gelatin PT
Low Poo: renpure (red), Ion swimmers
alright tahnks

just a couple of things:
could you creccomend any good protein treatments? I'm not really sure what they are...

Hmm I'm not really sure about the humidity because I've always lived in this area and it's pretty dry here.

sometimes my hair is kind of wavy on top, and then curly at the middle but then it drires much straighter, I think. Is there a way I could dry it flat without damaging it with a blowdryer?

could you explain what plopping is, and where you can get a diffuser? haha sorry I'm kinda clueless ;P thanks!
You might also look at adding some long layers to lighten up the hair and that light increase waves and curls. I have the opposite problem and that is my under-section by the nape is the loosest wave and curl. I am curlier on top. Since you are the opposite, you might try putting your hair partially up, or back, to spotlight the good curls you do have. But I agree with Ped to look at PTs and other styling techniques.

Lady Caiside, Noble Lushetarian and Wavy Wayfarer of Mugglswick, in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

2b-3a Fii, porous and low elasticity

Currently using a variety of products, and looking for that magic combo

Hair bio:

Search plop on youtube and you will find videos. The series of videos on jessicurl is also helpful. They refer to plopping as plunking.
Demo Videos-Curl-Enhancing Styling Products-Moisturizing Conditioners
You can find diffuser attachments at Target, Walmart, etc. I've heard good things about the attachments they have at sally beauty supply.

My favorite PT is homemade. It is IAgirl's gelatin protein treatment.
Nexxus emergencee, joiko k-pac (and sally knock off, mineral oil), aphogee 2-step and 2-minute (sally's, step 2 of 2-step has mineral oil), ion effective care (sally's).
If you want to order online, spiral solutions and curl junkie seem to be the most loved. Kathymack sells samples of these. Click the fotki in her siggi.
Some people have no problems with mineral oil, others (like me) find it makes their hair coated and oily.

If your weather is dry, that can also be an issue. In dry conditions, there is no moisture for the humectants to draw from the air, so they steal it from your hair and cause frizz. The end of this post explains it.
It’s not the humidity, it’s the….. humidity Pittsburgh Curly (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
2a ( 2bFi (Fia), very fine, thin, low/normal elasticity, porous, CG, doesn't get weighed down
Cowash: Tresemme naturals
Rinse out/leave in: Renpure Organics (red)
Curl enhancer: FSG
Gel: BRHG, Salon care aloe, Ecostyler Krystal (normal dews)
PT: ION effective care, IAgirl's gelatin PT
Low Poo: renpure (red), Ion swimmers
Pedaheh said it all. Totally normal to have different textures, wave patterns. You can even have a patch of super-wavy hair right next to a patch of hair with lazy, lazy waves. It is what it is.
Wavies often have curls below a certain point, but not above.
If you've a lot of hairs growing in that look frizzy, it's because they're shorter and wavy and aren't trapped with the other strands. Styling products will whip them into shape, but again, totally normal.

When I began this "wearing my hair wavy" thing, my hair was waist length. It's also very fine and I decided that cutting it would (and did) make it look thicker and was better for my face. The cut had several effects on my waves. On the canopy (like yours) I am getting more waves now, some loose spirals (I call then "wavy spirals" or "twisties." Cutting shorter layers in the canopy allows the bottom layers to curl more and be more visible.

WHen my hair was longer, styling was tricky because it's so fine. Diffusing "pixie style" (cup hair in bowl of diffuser against scalp) was good. Another thing that worked very well was to scrunch only a little, then just "press" hair towards my scalp with an open, flat palm. It made rounder curls whereas scrunching made more broken-up waves.

Using microfiber towels is great. I have some for drying cars and they really soak up a lot of water which helps the length of your hair not be weighted down by water.
That "wavier when wet" thing is the scourge of wavy hair! Strong-hold products, humectants work for some (when they work, they WORK!), protein (which is kind of humectent-y) works for some to help lock in those waves so they stay there.
Some of us like sticky (grabby) gels because they hold those waves until dry.
Good luck!
thanks guys!
I'm thinking of getting a haircut this weekend, so I think I'll ask the stylist what they think would help my hair be curlier. Maybe I'll try getting layers, and then wear it half-up more..
and thanks for the links pedaheh! I will definitely try the PT and finding a good diffuser!
Thanks for all the extra info too. This makes more sense now ;P I definitely need to find a better conditioner and a new gel or something cuz mine ran out and I had almost no hair product to use this week= lazy unhappy curls. My old conditioner was too thick and the gel had too weak a hold. I shall go curl-product shopping : D
If you get that cut, I doubt you'll lose your curls on the ends. If it's the ends that curl, they'll curl where they're cut. The shape changes if you remove a lot of length, but if you're just getting some length cut off, they'll probably come back. Sometimes it takes several days for hair to work out how it's going to behave after a cut.

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