Best Tips You've Picked Up Here on NC

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the best tip I have done on here was the curl analysis with product suggestions. That was what changed EVERY thing for me, shoved me in the right direction. The next thing was read read read, use the search to find out about product and technique.

And 1 more thing being inrtoduced to curlmart!!!!(and KCCC LOL)

THANK YOU from the bottom of my curly hair to ALL of you out their for your words of wisdom, courage to try stuff like okra and flax gel, plopping and all the other crazy stuff on here. If it wasnt for you all I wouldnt be where I am.... Loven my curls for the first time in my life
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Armed with the Curl Analyzes!!!
texture: Fine
porosity: Normal
elasticity: Low

co:wash: V05 kiwi lime, CJDF
condish: TS avocado and aloe, GPV cond balm, Yes to carrots
leave in: KCNT
protein: CJ rehab
And yes I'm turning into a PJ
I don't know if this is the *best* but one I was just thinking about this morning - staying away from brushes! I can't believe how they pull my wave out. I don't even use a comb very much anymore except every few washes, otherwise I finger-comb when I have conditioner in and that's it. Before I would have thought not brushing my hair every day was nasty, but it actually is a huge help.
2b (with some straight under-layer, grrrrr)
Normal porosity, low elasticity, medium texture

(according to CurlGenie - HUGE surprise, I always thought I had fine hair and my stylists always agreed)

Tried CG for a summer, but it wasn't for me. I don't load up on sulfates and silicones, but I have no shame in using them when I want/need to! Currently loving LOOB.
I'm ready to add some more of my own! 1) Applying products to very wet hair 2) The Icequeen method 3) Using a microfiber towel instead of a regular one to dry my hair with 4) The Pixie Diffuse method!! This one I've been using for a while now and it's great especially to help achieve second day hair
2a, fine-med. text, normal porosity (I think)

[FONT=Going back and forth between Herbal Essence Don't Fade On Me shampoo and condish and L'oreal Sulfate Free shampoo

- Not Your Mother's Curl Cream, La Bella Sports Gel, Aussie Sprunch Spray

[/COLOR][/FONT] [I][B]My waves are finally getting stronger thanks to weekly PTs and longer hair in general. Still trying to grow it out though!

mod-CG since December '10

I have Celiac's Disease so no gluten please!

My hair is basically my hobby!!
Definitely no brushing. I'm amazed at how curly my hair has gotten. Also, no wonder why my hair was so big! Brushing it out only made it frizzer and pulled out the curl!
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
-Put products in soaking wet hair. (product and Arc Angel gel)
-scrunch products into hair.
-plop. I've been doing for about 5-6 mins
-diffuse lightly and carefully.

it's a learning curve with the right products but I've learned alot in the last few months on here.

I currently experiment with DevaCurl, Curl Keeper, and just ordered AG Recoil. and I use the Arc Angel gel.
I am still trying to learn what type of hair I have. that's all still very confusing for me.

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