2c hair product help. Tell me what you use.

So I just found out that I'm a 2c...I've spent most of my life thinking and treating my hair as a 3a... the problem is, I don't know what products to use for my hair... my hair is slightly frizzy, alil above my shoulder, and washed every 2 or 3days (I consider it to b semi oily)

Do any of you other 2c girls know what types of product I can use to have it in its natural state and still look pretty?

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Do you know your hair properties? If not, this link should help:


Your hair properties matter much more than your curl pattern or how your curls "look." Once you figure out your hair properties, you can find someone with similar properties and figure out what they use. You can then also start experimenting with what ingredients your hair might or might not like.

hope that helps!
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Is is humid where your are? If so, the frizz could be from using humectants.
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I think we have similar hair (from your picture) and I usually use Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Smoothing Milk. When my hair is wet/damp I brush it and put the smoothing milk all the way through it, then I put a little Garnier Fructis Surf Hair (it doesn't give your "surf hair," whatever that is, it just provides extra hold) on the surface. I live in Florida, and this system stops the humidity from frizzing up my hair.
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Like what OP said, your hair properties (texture, porosity, etc.) and current local dew point are the most important things for picking product. 2c FIA (based on curl pattern only) and 3a FIA are pretty close, and I think you could try routines and products from gals with similar hair properties from either curl pattern.

For examples of products and routines, recommend looking in signatures of gals with similar hair props (gotta figure those out), esp in:
and porosity forums
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