how long does your hair take to air dry?

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my hair is just wavy and fluffy. its also very fine and thin. i have no idea my perosity. but my hair takes over six hours to dry. i allow it to dry naturally. if i take a shower and watch a movie before bed it still takes a few hours after i wake up to dry!! what the hey! my hairs not even thick at all.
My hair is coarse & dense, though I suspect the porosity is on the high side. For all of the sections to dry it takes a good 4-5 hours. My hair is very very dense on the top in the back. The rest of it dries at least a couple of hours earlier. With product, on the high side or longer, and add even more time if I'm not in a warm area.

Today I'm in the air conditioned office and it's raining out. I washed my hair at 7:30 and at 11:30 there are sections that are still quite damp.
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Low to normal porosity, coarse, kinky, normal elasticity
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