Ok guys, I am new to CG but have a schedule haircut for next month. I actually have only used this stylist once, and she did okay but seemed pretty inexperienced. We dont have any Deva stylists in my area, and I know of NO salons that cater to curlies. I do not want to mess up my CG routine by having non CG products on my hair, so I guess I can bring my own but I am so nervous about finding a stylist. If any of you have recommendations on a stylist in Central MS In the metro Jackson area please give me a heads up !
Co wash- suave naturals coconut
Possible low poo - Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo
DT - Garnier Fructis 3 minute undo
LI - Sauve Naturals coconut mixed with water in a spray bottle
Styler: HETT