Please recommend a stylist in the East Bay

I've read the reviews and many people recommend Vero. Which stylist there knows how to cut 2B-2C hair? Or, are there any other recommendations?

I'm asking on this board because the last time I chose a stylist from the salon finder, she turned out to be a close personal friend of the person who reviewed her positively. The stylist was ok (I wouldn't recommend her though) but I felt kinda duped.
I saw Jessica and she was okay, but I didn't go back. Even though she pointed out that the underside/back of my hair is straighter, she still made it too long, and it looked stringy. She washed my hair, dried it, then cut it - so maybe she styled it differently enough to make it not work when I did it myself?

I see Terri at Chroma now, and I walked in on a work colleague complaining about her waves, and wishing they were like mine. Mine's 2a/2b so my hair is fine when it's cut wet.

I'm kind of tempted to try Virginia at Vika - I think she used to work at Vero.
Vicky of Rain Tigi Boutique Salon in Walnut Creek is AWESOME!!! She always finds curls even if the client didn't know they had them.

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