Who among you wavies goes straight in winter?

My plan for winter was to let my hair go straight but still maintain my CG routine. However, it's not going so well. It just looks kind of unkempt and fuzzy. I have a bad cut I'm trying to grow out so a lot of the layers are just sticking out all over the place.

Does anyone else just let their hair go straight? How do you style it? I am adamantly against any kind of heat styling but I'd like to believe there is an easier way than sleeping on curlers. I have read about hair wrapping but again, my layers might make that difficult.
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I'm a wavy 2 who gets a lot straighter in the winter. I do stay CG, but I try to control the direction of my layers with a blow dryer, which takes about a second or two, at least with my hair type.

I'm not sure how best to manage layers without heat or that twisting technique I saw once on video, done by Jonathan Torch. Maybe a strong hold gel and plenty of scrunching?

There are days I don't want to mess w/ my waves and let my hair go straight.

Normal routine:
-modified ice queen
-scrunch in stylers upside down

straight days:
-rinse out right side up
-squeeze out a bunch of water
-rake in some leave-in
-then run through fingers again and go

Or you could buy some accessories and experiment with pinning back the sides (or just one), head bands, clips, etc.
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