Twist outs

Does anyone know how to do them and get them to stay put without unraveling? I love the look but mine always unravel. Do I need to put something on the ends? I would like to do a twist out.
I think this thread might help:
You'll probably need an elastic on the end - maybe those silicone (clear) ones they sell in packets of 10,000 (okay, maybe fewer) because they become invisible when you put them down. Hair which doesn't have a determined curl won't hold them in place on their own.

If you succeed, we want to see PICS!!!

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Hmmm...I don't know if a twist out on 2 hair would work as well as it does with 3 and up hair. Why don't you try bantu knots. How to Create Bantu Knots & Bantu Knot-Outs | Perfect Locks Hair Blog

These will likely give you the results you desire. I've tried twist outs but my hair is too fine and there's not enough texture for the strands to grab on to each other so it was an epic fail

Buuuut...bantu knots are great if you're not planning on sleeping in them (I can't) and DON'T brush them out. Simply finger curl and go Good luck and post pics if you try them!
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