hair help...please?

I had posted something a while back about what type of shampoo and conditioner I use. Right now, I use this product called EO. It's organic stuff and doesn't have the bad stuff that kill your hair. I use the shampoo for oily hair (for my roots) and the conditioner for dry hair (for the ends). However, my ends are still dry. Should I get a clarifying or a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner?

Also, how do I manage the knots that get in my hair? I feel like when I comb or brush it, I am just pulling my hair out of my head. Any suggestions?
Deep conditioning will help with dry ends. I DT'd every week for nearly 6 months before my ends finally stopped feeling dry all the time. Protein treatments also helped by filling in the holes in my porous hair. Pre shampoo treatments were also great, I would apply enough coconut oil to my hair that it looked slightly greasy and wash it out in the AM.

Using a leave in condish on the ends could help too. Sealing with oil can also help.

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Switching to sulfate free was the best thing I ever did for my hair and scalp. My roots used to be oily and my ends dry. Now my scalp has balanced out and I no longer have an oily scalp. I can literally go 3 to 4 days without washing and it doesn't look gross at all. I switched by going to a cleansing conditioner (Hair One at Sally's). For the first 3 or 4 weeks, my scalp looked pretty greasy. But after that, it was great. Within 6 months, I had really healthy hair, so much so that my stylist asked what I was doing differently.

What hapens is that sulfates in normal shampoos and in clarifying shampoos strip your scalp of oil and your hair of moisture. This causes your scalp to overcompensate and produce even more oil. It's a vicious cycle. So when you go sulfate free, your scalp is still overcompensating and it takes a couple of weeks to figure out it can cut back on oil production. I just wore my hair up a lot during those adjustment weeks and washed my hair every other day.

Turns out I'm allergic to the wheat protein in the Hair One, so I had to stop using it. Now I use a low-poo on my scalp only and a good conditioner on my hair. Seems to work ok for me still.

As for the knots... I detangle with my fingers in the shower. No combs or brushes! I also add extra conditioner at my nape in the shower because that's where I tangle the most. When I first started doing that, it seemed odd, but it has really cut down on the amount of hair I "lose" now. A leave in conditioner might help you with that too.
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I recommend that everyone at least try CG. It doesn't work for everyone (the one member who's curls I seriously envy is not CG), but even if you find it doesn't work, you will learn a lot about your hair and how to make it look its best in the process.

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I detangle my hair in the shower with a really wide tooth comb while there's conditioner in my hair. The conditioner provides slip (some more than others) to detangle hair easier.
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