Frizz with 2nd day hair

So how do I not get frizz with 2nd day hair? Today I woke up late so I had to do 2nd day hair. At first I scrunched in CCCCL on dry hair like some people suggest and that did nothing so I started to try scrunching in FSG but it looked bad so I sprayed my hair with water then scrunched in the FSG with some BRHG on top. It looked pretty good but I still got frizzy flyaways. Is there anyway to prevent this on second day hair or is it just from re-scrunching/ too much touching of the hair?
I get 2nd and 3rd day hair by spritzing my hair with water, re-applying my gel lightly (and not re-applying leave in conditioner), and then I re-shape my barrel curls. I let it air dry. Then, I separate the large barrel curls to get my S-shaped waves. I don't have frizz.
Conditioner Wash Suave Strawberry Conditioner

Gel Styling Product: Curl Keeper and Curly Hair Solutions Gel
When my 2nd day hair looks bad, I mod super soak my dry hair, and then scrunch in more LI and gel. It doesn't take as long to dry as freshly washed, but looks just as good.

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