Help with bad hair cut?

So I am a poor college student and recently got my hair cut at the local beauty school. My first sign that this was a bad idea should have been when I told the student cutting my hair that I didn't want her to use razors or thinning shears and she snapped at me "Well, what am I supposed to use to cut your hair with?". Oy.

Luckily, she just cut my hair with scissors.

Anyways the haircut isn't so much bad as non-existent. I basically feel like I didn't get a haircut at all. I have very thick 2b/2c hair that I usually get cut in layers that start at about chin length and are blended throughout. My hair is about bra strap length. Right now my longest layers are about shoulder length. I feel like my hair is very weighed down and won't curl nicely at all.

I'm modified CG and usually scrunch mousse and curl cream throughout my hair for curls that are big, loose and wild. Now, they just lay flat.

Any suggestions for getting more volume into my hair until I go home for summer and can get a proper hair cut?

I have to wash my hair every morning, so this wouldn't work for me, but how about wet setting your hair at night using the sock method? Just to tide you over until you can get a good cut. (YouTube videos abound with the sock method of no heat curly hair )

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I know clipping is supposed to help with volume; search on the 2s board for a thread on clipping that IAgirl started.
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Maybe you should go back to the school and ask for it to be fixed. I hate doing that, but sometimes you have to. Usually, they'll do the correcting for free. There should be a teacher present too.
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I have a similar feeling with my last hair cut too. I also had it done at a school (an Aveda Institute/Salon). My cut ended up ok, but I feel like so little was cut, especially the length, which I had wanted to bring up from just below, BSL closer to mid-shoulder blade-ish length. But the cut was only $16. I can't complain too much. I can tell he cut it, but I am pretty sure most people can't because there isn't a significant difference, except perhaps with my layers.

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I'd go back and get it re-cut, unless you're afraid they'll mess it up even more... If you go back, complain about the student who made the snarky comment.
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