Waking up with straight hair?

Is it just me or do any other wavies go to sleep wavy but wake up with your hair completely straight? It makes it a little impossible to even try for 2nd day hair..
2B/medium texture/high porosity.
I think that's pretty common with wavies. I'm able to pineapple my hair on top of my head. If I make sure I'm not laying on it at least when first fall asleep, it stays pretty well.
2B/fine to med texture/med porosity

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I don't pineapple, but even if I wake up with it straight, it almost always starts to wave again within the hour, with some scrunching or wetting if needed.

But yes, 2nd day hair is hard for 2s, imo.

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I never wake up with straight hair. I sleep with it in a loose ponytail at the back of my head secured with a short banana clip. I never use any kind of elastic ponytail holder or rubber band in my hair cause it messes it up. With the banana clip I am able to loosen the pull on the hair also. I make sure the top, sides and back are not pulled tight and flat. I always have really good waves when I unleash the pony tail in the morning. Here is a pic:
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It's not just you I wake up in the morning and my hair is mashed flat and straight. Fortunately, I'm fine with washing/conditioning every day

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Thank you everyone for your input! I walked away from CG for awhile and coming back to it about a week ago I definitely feel like "I'm the only one this is happening to" so its nice to know I'm not
2B/medium texture/high porosity.
If your hair is long enough, definitely try a pineapple. If I pineapple and put a sleep cap on over it, I wake up with tons of volume and my waves are intact. Of course, if I fit in a morning workout, my waves fall straight. It seems like my waves get straighter for sure as the week goes on, especially since I've been trying to go every three or four days between washings. We wavies do have it hard!
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