Need help-hair is a mess!!!

I just started getting wavy and curly hair after my son was born. I have very fine thin hair that spirals in the front and is slightly wavy in the back. It's about mid neck length. I have no idea how to style my hair! It's a mess and the more I try and style it, the worse it gets. Can someone please give me suggestions?
A mess how? Frizzy? Sticks out everywhere? Gets in your face? What don't you like about it and why? How are you currently trying to style it and what is your normal routine?
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Yes. What do you mean and what are you currently doing?
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I am using mouse of damp hair then scrunching in a bit of gel. I air dry most of the way and then diffuse for a few minutes. My hair can completely air dry in about 30 minutes because it's very fine. My head looks like it's greasy but feels crunchy and I have have no separation of defined waves or curls except framing my face. It's not frizzy but looks like bed head- and not in a good way. My grandma told me it looked messy.
For one thing, the present way of wearing curly, wavy hair is very likely to look "messy" to most grandmas. We get very used to a particular ideal for hair and often any deviation can be hard to accept. If you have the Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey, or can check it out of your library, you could have a conversation with your grandmother, explaining how you are trying to get healthier hair, and showing her how others are wearing their hair in this journey. If she better understands what you are doing, she may be more accepting of the whole concept.

You should be able to "Scrunch Out The Crunch" (SOTC) of your styling products on dry hair with little problem. Many of us SOTC with dry hands, some put a bit of gel, or conditioner, or water on our hands to SOTC. This may also remove the greasy, wet look. SOTC is using the scrunching motions on your dry hair to break up the cast of your dried gel and leave your hair looking natural and wavy, or curly without frizzing it. Just use the scrunching, fisting motions, not raking on your dry hair.

Using a combination of raking and scrunching your product into your wet hair may help with clumping, definition, and separating your curls and waves.
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Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

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