Accepting that my hair is wavy, not curly

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Looks lovely Chupie! I like your bird picture too

As someone whose hair used to be straight (pre puberty) then wavy, then curly, now wavy again - I have decided that it is swings and roundabouts. Inconsistency and unpredictability can be a bit annoying, but wavy hair does have the bonus of massive versatility in how you can wear it, without having to use much heat. Now that the slightly tonged at the ends look seems to be more fashionable with straight haired people, and full body hair is more 'in', just going by tv shows and magazines, wavy hair certainly fits in with trends. Not that I've ever given two hoots about that, but still - nice to see lots of people trying to get what we have naturally
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UK based wavy

Mostly waves, but curls and straight bits too!
Fine to medium, high porosity, medium density, very low elasticity
Highlights damage (growing it out), seems to like protein and need lots of moisture.

Cleanse - CJDF, trying out low poos ; Co wash- Uk chemist brands, Urtekram Rose or Aloe, Hairveda Amala Cream Rinse; RO - varies, Tigi Moisture Maniac, Desert Essence Coconut ; Leave in - Keracare natural textures; Sealant - argan oil
Trying out new things, still looking.
I love wavy hair. I also love curly hair. I hate the emphasis that seems to be put on wave/curl pattern sometimes, especially as someone whose hair used to very much be right in the middle. I accept that I will never have a head full of perfect 3b ringlets, and I also accept that I will never have those sexy Hollywood waves that I also love. But my hair is healthy and that brings out the best in my hair, no matter how it decides to curl or not curl on any day. Healthy hair is gorgeous in any wave/curl pattern. Unhealthy hair is not attractive, no matter how spirally it might be.
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Modified CG since 11/5/11
CLEANSE: CJ Daily Fix, DevaCare No-Poo, CHS Treatment Shampoo
RO: SS Caitlin's Conditioner, CJ Beauticurls Strengthening
LI: SS Repairing Protein Treatment, CHS Silk Leave-In
STYLE: Re:Coil, Curl Keeper, Deva Ultra Defining Gel, Curls Rock Amplifier,Sweet Curls Elixirs Okra Gel and Hard Hold Gel, SS Curl Enhancing Jelly and Firm Hold Gel
Ha, I actually prefer my waves to curls. Suits my face better, much lower maintenance for me.
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Very pretty hair! Mine is something like yours (but darker). I definitely have waves, more around my face then elsewhere, but I am happy to embrace what I naturally have, and try to make the most of it. I know I will probably not ever have ringlets, and that is okay by me. Someone else said their hair is often curly when wet, and then dries in waves. Mine is usually less wavy when wet, due to being weighed down by water, and only gets waving nicely when I scrunch with a t-shirt and diffuse (along with products that make my hair and scalp feel good).

You have pretty hair!! Thanks for sharing!
Started embracing the 2b waves in March 2013. I can't believe how immediate the difference, when I stopped using sulfates! Now I need guidance on most everything else.
My best guess so far at my hair profile: 2b, medium porosity, fine and med width strands, low-to-med density, medium length.
Strangely enough I have 3b& c hair which makes keeping my hair straight a challenge. But I learning that ultimately healthy hair is what I want. Accept your hair no matter what it looks like. It's sexy. 😉
I started CG 5 days ago and when i was first looking at the photos on the Curl Types page, i saw myself as a 3A, but the more time I'm spending now paying attention to what my hair is doing - i think I am a mix of 2B&C with a few 2A pieces in the bottom layers. My basic goal is to have hair that doesnt feel like dry hay with whirlwind frizz all over. At day 5, i can FEEL my hair is already softer and silkier... still getting used to the process, but happy so far!

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