2b hair newbie seeking product advice

Thanks, can you give me some examples of non-water soluble cones?If a product said no silicones on this website is it not accounting for non-water soluble ones? Right now besides shea moisture shampoo I'm using trader joes balanced moisturizing conditioner as occasional co-wash, and GVP conditioning Balm as conditioner. The one of those 2 as a leave in, a Loreal silicone free anti frizz serum & I just got AIF. I also used to use Living Proof wave shaping gel for medium to thick But now I know its not CG so... but do any of these products contain non-water soluble cones?
Silicones can be identified in ingredient lists by looking for ingredients that end in -cone, -xane, or -conol. Water soluble silicones can be identified by a PEG or PPG at the beginning of the name (there are a few silicones that do not build up that are not water soluble, and dimethicone copolyol doesn't have a PPG or PEG but is water soluble). The Curl Chemist articles on NC.com are awesome for learning about different ingredients and how they affect your hair.

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so are non-water soluble cones bad or okay?
If you are CG, then non water soluble cones are bad.
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2b hair newbie seeking product advice-imageuploadedbycurltalk1347718834.122037.jpg2b hair newbie seeking product advice-imageuploadedbycurltalk1347718843.772764.jpg my hair last Saturday felt so soft, less frizz, and more definition! but then this week during school it felt wet all day again...
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