2b to a 3a???

So when i was 12 my hair started becoming wavy. It was wavy (about 2a) in the front and straight in the back. Now im 13 and my hair has progressively gotten curlier. It is 3a in the front and 2b in the back. Any suggestions on how to get my hair in the back to go from 2b to 3a? and, do you think that the hair in the back will also, over time, become curly like it is in the front (3a)?
What products/routine are you using? I can go from a 2b to a 3a depending on the products I use as well as how I dry my hair after the products are in. Air drying or diffusing (or a mixture of both) can change the outcome of how my hair looks in the end.
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and don't forget the weather. My hair is just wavy on dry cool days and super curly on humid, hot days.
And if I'm in our boat on the ocean, I get the best hair ever.
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oh honey, that same thing happened to me when I was between ages 12 and 16. (I had like 1B hair as a kid) I can honestly say the one thing that will fix it all is time, until then it's going to be a little mismatched. Or at least, I never found a solution.

The good news is hardly anyone but me ever noticed it was different in the front than in the back.
My hair is STILL 2B in the back and 3A in the front. And I'm almost 30. The only thing that has ever ballanced out my curl was having it all shorter. Short gave me 3A, but I'm a long haired girl at heart, so I have learned to love my hair - mismatched and all! LOL!

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