I used to have 2a curls

I still do, but its not as defined as before.
Before the curls were nice, my hair was okay, not too thin, not too thick.

now, my hair is getting reaalllyyy thick, there's a lot of frizz
and the curls are getting less-defined and maybe going away :/

There are days when my hair looks wavy, and days when it looks straight..

I don't want my curls to go awayyyy!
what do I use/do to prevent them from disappearing?
how do I make my hair look better?

I am also thinking about getting a haircut soon.
do you have any cuts that will probably make the curls go back? if ever there are cuts for those?
What are the best hair cuts for thick hairrr
Are you brushing your hair? Brushing could make your hair seem thicker, your curls less defined, and increase frizz. Try just combing you hair in the shower when it is full of conditioner and very slippery.

The best cut for thick curly hair is probably long layers. Have you heard of a Devacut / Deva stylist? A Deva stylist is specifically trained to cut curly hair to enhance the curls.
No, I use a wide tooth comb.
I have never tried to comb my hair during the shower, but Ill definitely try that.

I have never heard of a deva cut, but ill try to ask them that.
but I'll definitely get a long layered cut!
I usually comb my hair with my fingers or with a wide tooth comb while I've got conditioner in my hair in the shower. Helps a lot. What kinds of products are you using? I started as a 2a, then got to 2b, then started going 2a again. Got 4" cut off my hair and started using LESS product and my hair has sprung back up to a 2b, even 2c in spots.
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Protein: Spiral Solutions Protein Spray for daily use
I dont really use much stuff on my hair.
Only a shampoo and conditioner, varying brands, haha.

is there any specific brands I should use or something?
Here are some good places to start learning about "Curly Girl" which should help you put the oomph back into your 2a waves:

The College Curly
Pedaheh's Hair Blog: What do I need to start the Curly Girl method?
ohmygoodness, thank youuu!!!!!
Definitely learned a lot from those two sites!

Im going to go CG from now on. hahah!

By the waaay, in the college curly blog, there is a section that says styling CG curls.
Is that needed? those extra creams, gels, and etc?
I only have little time to get ready for school and I don't think I would be able to do those things.....

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I started out with just a gel, my husband's hair gel actually. I went through what was left in the tube trying out different methods of applying it to my hair until I felt like I was a gel master and knew what I was doing. (:

Then I tried some different kinds to find out what I liked and worked best. Then I tried a curling jelly underneath to see what that would do..

I'm really glad I started out cheap and simple, and just built from there. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get started.

But you don't need a gel even if you like how your hair looks without it.
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