Am I 2C? Im new at this, a week into CG.

My hair is normal porosity and thick. It is ringlety at the front, shorter layer and wavy near the bottom. The under layer, which is the longest is nearly straight - could this be from too much straightening in the past? Please help me figure out my curl pattern.
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Am I 2C? Im new at this, a week into CG.-dscf0732.jpg   Am I 2C? Im new at this, a week into CG.-dscf0731.jpg   Am I 2C? Im new at this, a week into CG.-dscf0733.jpg  
Looks like a combo of 2c/3a.

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A lot of us have a less wavy/curly underlayer.. I think its just what it is, plus the longer layers may have less curl because of the length. I agree with 2C/3A, beautiful hair missy!
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