Curl milk, creme that won't break me out!

I would love to know what you girls think...I found a regemin that works and again, a product is breaking me out. i'm using kevin murphys body builder then put coffee coco creme light over. comes out wavy and crunch. love it. the cccl is breaking me out like crazy.

any light cremes, milks, jellys (i don;t like gels) that can give me hold/clumping and no hair loves moisture that's why the cccc lite is working so well, it's light/moisture not heavy.

something without coconut, shea, cetyl alcohol? i'm so crazy trying all these products.
i don't have much advice because i have a horrible time finding products that don't do the same to me

its like i either have crappy hair/good skin or nice hair/crappy skin.... i cant seem to have good skin and
hair at the same time.

if you go on and print off their list of comedogenic products you can then look at products
and see what is "safe". i do know that sheabutter and argan oil aren't on the list but i emailed the lady about it and she said they should be added because they can cause breakouts too.

also,try keeping your hair off your face at all times and at the end of your shower,wash your face last.
change your pillowcover frequently and don't use a dryer sheet on your pillowcovers when you put them in the dryer.

i soooo envy those that can use about anything without any problems!
You and me both. My hair does THE best with the products that break out my skin the most. It is so maddening!

I have looked at zerozits and try to follow it, but as you know, so many things are on it. Didn't know argan oil was bad. On the internet so many acne prone people say they love it. I have used it and it broke me out. I thought I was just nuts. Thanks for clearing it up!

If I find anything that works, doesn't break me out I'll be sure to let you know!!!!!

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