Hair type...please help! 2b, 2c, or 3a?? Or am I way off?!

I am new to the website & have been CG for a few months now. I struggle with liking my hair & debate often on whether I should return to straightening it!

My hair is fine & tangles easily. I do a partial highlight every 4-6 months. I struggle with frizz & like volume, which I have been missing lately.

I'm still trying to figure out porosity, I think my hair is highly porous. I've tried rinsing & styling completely upside down, but my hair just tangles & looks like a very unattractive critter's nest in the back of my head!

I'd appreciate your opinions on my hair type & styling products suggestions. Thank you!!Hair type...please help! 2b, 2c, or 3a?? Or am I way off?!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1350063512.257103.jpgHair type...please help! 2b, 2c, or 3a?? Or am I way off?!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1350063530.945376.jpgHair type...please help! 2b, 2c, or 3a?? Or am I way off?!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1350063548.205173.jpg
Hair type is transient. You're much better choosing ingredients/products by your properties. As you get better with choosing products and techniques, you'll find that your curl pattern gets stronger.

It's all about getting the protein/moisture right. Fine hair generally likes protein. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. I generally use really rich products and don't need to DT.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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I don't even know my own pattern lol, but I do agree with Kathymack that it's all about your hair properties mostly. If you know your properties then you can look in peoples signatures and see if they are similar in properties to you and see what they use. I have thick medium/coarse hair and low porosity so I seek out people with the same and try products and techniques that they try. ^_^
2(I have no idea what pattern), low porosity, mix of medium and coarse, dense

*Have just discovered the amazingness that is the "Spritz and Condish" routine*

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