Help! Super waves underneath, none on top!

So I am thinking I have a 2b underneath and 2a on top. I can NEVER get the top layer of my hair to wave or curl like the bottom, even with products. I've tried cutting layers, it helps with appearance, but doesn't help make it naturally wavy. Any suggestions? I wash my hair maybe once every three or four days with Organix and I use hair milk to style it sometimes, but mostly I just let it go naturally.

This is my top layer after I sprayed it with some leave in conditioner and tousled it around. It is usually frizzy and straight with slight body

I flipped my hair over to take this photo, I typically do not apply anything directly to this part of my hair - it's just naturally like that. My hair is very VERY thick also.

Anyway, how can I get the top layer to look the same Sorry for the long winded post!
My hair sounds just like yours. Straight on top and wavy underneath. Have you thought about doing the Curly Girl Method? It helped my waves become more even and prominent. Think about it. Also, try products, use a diffuser, braid waves, bunning, plopping, moisture or protein treatments.
When I started CG, my canopy was barely waving and my back was very curly. As I got the moisture/protein balance better, my canopy started curling, too. My canopy is also the first part to start to lose curl when my hair needs more moisture or protein. The canopy is more exposed to the elements and even if we don't use heat or damaging chemicals, sun, smog, and other atmospheric conditions can cause damage and curl loss in the canopy.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
Yeah, I have been looking into it, although I'm kinda confused as to what I'm supposed to do exactly. I keep seeing cowash conditioner and leave in conditioner and I'm just not sure of the difference/all the aspects of it!
So much of ingredients/products for your hair depends on your hair properties (individual hair diameter, density of hair on your head, porosity, and elasticity) that determining these is really important. There is a guide here look at the light blue band at the top of the page and read the things under "Hair Types". And another at Live Curly Live Free - Home where you can order a hair analysis. I copped out and ordered the analysis. Once you know your properties, you can look at the information in people's signatures and find what works for others with your properties.

A conditioner for co-washing can have cleansing properties. One that is popular and that I use is Suave Naturals. They have EDTA in them and I like that because I have hard water and EDTA is a chelating agent. Depending on your hair properties, you might want your leave-in to be lighter or heavier than your co-wash. Some are able to use the same conditioner for both.

How your hair will react to a protein treatment can also depend on your hair properties, so it is best to figure that out before you try using one.

It can be overwhelming when you start, but with a little time, reading, learning, it does get easier.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

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