Advice please?

This is about 10 topics combined in one but I have really very little idea what to do with my hair. I'm inexperienced and have started reading but the amount of information is overwhelming!
I have (I think) 2b waves, with medium width and low porosity. Right now it is long, halfway done my back but I'm thinking of getting it cut. My hair is generally thick so I'm not concerned about volume but can get fairly frizzy. I really want smooth controlled curls!

I have no time in the morning and need to wash my hair at night. Right now I just spray some no-frizz stuff brush it and put it in a pony tail and let it dry while I sleep. in the morning I run my fingers through it and go if it's turned out alright (and if not ponytail here we come!) How do I get the best style without spending a lot of time (or money...)

Additionally I live in Sweden and usually bicycle to school (often in wet weather) so even if I work hard on my hair it's usually ruined by the time I get to school! (wind, rain, and hats) help!
Wow, I am in almost the exact same situation as you! I wash my hair at night, don't spend that much time on it, and it is long and thick. I almost always end up wearing it in a ponytail. I don't put it in a ponytail at night though.
Hmm well no one seems to be bothered to help us this sounds like good advice: as well as this: I tried to dry my hair properly and showered early enough to let it dry before I slept and I liked how the waves turned out in the back! But the front was horrible :/ I think I need a better haircut. And it's still very frizzy. I need to find some better hair products. And if all else fails: although of course she has beautiful straight hair!
To help with frizz, you can try applying oil. It can smoothen hair, seal in moisture, and add shine. Just don't put too much that your hair looks oily. I'd say about a couple drops, dime sized, or enough to make your hands shiny when rubbed is enough, though it depends on how thick your hair is and if it is easily weighed down. Some oils are heavy, like the penetrative ones that actually nourish hair, coconut, olive, and avocado, and lighter ones which can seal moisture in like almond oil. Try experimenting.

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