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Okay, I'm new to this. I believe that I am 2c, thick, low porosity. I LOVE Hair One conditioning cleanser and I'm not really willing to give that up right now. It's helped with a lot of the frizz issues and helped form lovely curls... underneath this awful top layer.
I also want to buy products from Sally Beauty Supply. It's local and easy to get to (have a toddler, can't just run to anywhere... I kind of have to pick one place and run in and out).
I am currently using Bioterra gel. However, it has soy protein and apparently that is making my hair very unhappy. Or at least, I think that's whats happening. I used some keratin stuff over the summer and it did the same thing (also protein) so I'm starting to see a pattern here. The Hair One was fine on its own, but then I don't get any definition and I still have a bad case of frizz on just that top damaged layer.

I'm looking at a few products--
Curls Goddess Curls--,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair04-13

but it says for women with "ethnic" hair. I'm white as can be. Would that be too much for my hair?

I was also looking at the Nothing But Curl Sealer, but I've read mixed reviews--,default,pd.html?green=B798FD8E-036E-5A8D-B4C7-78B295E46FBA&cm_vc=MYBUYS

Everything else seems to have some kind of protein in it--but I don't want to risk wasting money on another protein product. It'll always work for around a week, then the build up gets to be too much. I love the Bioterra gel and I want those effects without the build up.

I don't know if I need to use more than one styling product? I don't use a leave in, just an added squirt of Hair One. When I was drying my hair straight, even though I couldn't cut the wave out, it wasn't building up and was quite manageable. Now I'm drying with a diffuser, so I need something to hold up to that, define the curls/waves.

I don't have any friends who have hair like this... and my mom never treated her or our hair as curly, so this is all very new territory. Anyone shop Sallys or can check their products and give me something new to try, I'd appreciate it.

Please help? Please?
Iím not completely sure about Sallys... I know I have read about ecostyler as a gel, and Sallys Great Value Product (GVP) deep conditioner seems that alot of people like. Sorry didnít have much info for you. I am new to CG myself, only 3 months! I know and use a brand called Kinky Curly (KC)which is a great line and is available at Target...It is in the ethnic area but doesnít have protein in it. They have a great leave-in called Knot Today(KCKT) and a great curl enhancing gel, at least it acted this way for me, called Curling Custard or KCCC, but it dose take longer to dry when using the KCCC.. BTW..
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I have low porosity and fine/med texture. Easily weighed down and VERY frizzy crown, with straighter under layers

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Hair loves moisture protein.
MUST Pixie diffuse.

My hair dose NOT like oils, butters or polyquats Or glycerin in high dews
I didn't see soy protein in my Biotera Gel (just checked the label). I did see polyquat 4, which I know can be problematic for some people. But, it's the Hair One that I would be most wary of. I follow modified CG, so I'm not going to say that silicones are evil (I use some silicone products on occasion). But I can say from personal experience that while I can use non-water soluble silicones in styling products without issue, my hair feels noticeably drier and product-y when I use silicones in my shampoo or RO conditioner. While amodimethicone (the silicone in WEN and Hair One) does not build up like other cones can, it can coat the hair and make it more difficult to get enough moisture into your hair (which is ultimately what will eliminate frizz over time).

In terms of other products, the CURLS line has lots of fans of various ethnic backgrounds, so it doesn't really matter what the marketing says.

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I am a big fan of GVP: Biolage Conditioning Balm and GVP: Joico K-Pak (keratin protein treatment). The Ion Effective Care (protein treatment) trial pouch is also something I will buy on occasion just for fun.

My Con-Air tourmaline bowl diffuser is my waves best friend.

Living in an area with hard water, I also buy their Ion Swimmer's Clarifying Treatment blue packets every now and again to remove mineral build-up in my hair.

Hair One worked for me the first few months I tried it and then my hair begged for mercy from the amodimithicone. It was causing my hair to dry out. I am happy it works for you, though.

ETA: Just because it says it's for "ethnic" hair doesn't mean it won't work for you. Many products I've had the most success with are ones originally designed for ethnic hair. For me, if the ingredients list looks good, it doesn't matter whom it's marketed towards.
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Your hair seems to be a lot like mine,same properties anyway. i have tried(and liked) hair one. I can use it exclusively,not needing any other product. i used it as a leave in after towel drying my hair. i had to use much more than just a 'squirt". i used several and it really did the trick. when myhair was completely dry though there was a bit of frizz in the outer layer in the back so i would get it just a little bit damp and smooth more of the hair one on it,did the trick wonderfully. i think with my thick thick hair i needed to add a lot more than recommended as a leave in. I would also once a week use a little shampoo on my hair and then use the hair one like normal "just in case" i was getting any build up.
FYI the newest biotera gel I have, purchased a week ago, has protein pretty high on the list.
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I have no recommendations, sorry! But I just wanted to add that yes, you can use products designed for "ethnic hair". Hair is hair, and curls are curls, regardless of ethnicity. Many of the curly products are in the ethnic aisle because they're marketed for ethnicities that tend to have curly hair. But anyone who has curl can use them, I use quite a few products that are marketed for ethnic hair.
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Thanks! The Bioterra gel is a new formula. . That's how it slipped past my radar. I'm considering maybe a mousse under my curl sealer? I tried the hair gel that comes with Wen plus the curl sealer I have plus the texture balm. Seems I need more hold but if I go heavy on just gel my hair goes limp. Ugh. Hair.

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