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-   -   desperatley in search of wavy hair twin! :)(

carmelwaves 11-07-2012 07:42 PM

desperatley in search of wavy hair twin! :)
my hair properties are listed in my signature below. Even if you don't match some of them, that's OK! :) If you match the majority then please, please please respond so I can get help! :)

dresdendoll 11-07-2012 08:07 PM

My hair is on the shorter/medium side and my curl pattern is around 2c rather than 2b, but other than that, it's a match! (besides color, too)

carmelwaves 11-08-2012 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by dresdendoll (Post 2066610)
My hair is on the shorter/medium side and my curl pattern is around 2c rather than 2b, but other than that, it's a match! (besides color, too)

that is totally fine! :laughing8:Color and length don't matter, of course!! Would you like to be my hair twin? :toothy9:

dresdendoll 11-09-2012 10:35 PM

Haha, yes, I'd love to! :)

Knotty_Maddy 11-09-2012 10:45 PM

Hey, then you have hair triplets lol! I have similar hair to Dresdendoll (and therefore, you too!) My hair is long, brown, med width, med porosity, and 3A/2C. It doesn't like protein too much, I can only use protein as a DT.

Yay! I has sisters! :D

carmelwaves 11-10-2012 01:59 PM

It's official! we are triplets! (See newly edited signature below) So how do you guys typically wear your hair?

Knotty_Maddy 11-10-2012 07:36 PM

I just let mine hang, like in my pic, naturally - part on the side, little curl of bangs on the forehead, and naturally free S'es and corkscrews everywhere :) I like to live free. Besides, it's cold here, and it keeps my neck and ears warm! Sometimes, I pull each side back at top of the ear level, and then pin it back/push it forward with a comb, pretty, very 1940's! Or I pull it up in a pineapple bun, with a few long pieces hanging down in the back. If it is a craptastic hair day, then I roll it into a bun, or make a nice messy mermaid braid over one shoulder. How do you two wear yours? :D (I am so thrilled to have some hair twins! lol!)

carmelwaves 11-11-2012 08:23 AM

When I wear mine down (which, sadley, isnt fairly often) It is parted to the side, (and I have really long side bangs, when their curly they come just past my collarbone-I can't stand short side bangs, they fall in my eyes!) so I take my side bangs, twist the first bit of them and then clip the rest out to the side, and let it curl!

I'm really searching for a good gel/creme I can use in my hair...I have some mousse but my hair hates it lol

Knotty_Maddy 11-11-2012 09:44 AM

Well, I don't use natural products and I do use 'cones and low-poo...I find I get great clumps/curls with TiGi's Curlesque curl cream, or you can try AG's Re:coil for the same effect (but it has protein and mag sulf in it, whereas Curlesque does not. ) However I do find I have to layer a gel over that in order to get good hold. I have both Kenra Ciment hard hold and Kenra Firm Hold, out of the two I prefer the Firm Hold - less drying to the hair, and kind of melts in while still providing some hold.

I did buy some Aussie Instant Freeze yesterday since it gets raves here. I will be trying it today. I will let you know how it works. :) I don't know about your hair, but I find I have to use a ton of hold product! ;p And it has to be strong - or it just - disappears out of my hair.

I wonder what Dresdendoll uses, and how she does her hair? :)

Flipnwavy 11-11-2012 07:17 PM

Any room to make it a quad? My properties are very similar as well!

carmelwaves 11-12-2012 11:44 AM

sure! Let's make it a quad, I'll try to see if I have enough characters to add you into my signature! Knotty_Maddy, we truley are hair twins because that's exactly what happens in my hair too! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. Every time I put my mousse in, no matter how much I put, in a few hours it feels like I didn't even put it in! I'm giving up on mousse, I've decided. Not enough hold. Honestly, I think I'm better without putting anything in then using mousse. Next time I'm looking I will be sure to pick up the gel you suggested.

Flipnwavy 11-27-2012 09:02 PM

So, what do you guys like as your styler? I currently use Biotera Firm Hold Gel, but after I SOTC, it looks great immediately, but then falls limp. Anything you guys use that has "great/lasting" hold?

Knotty_Maddy 11-27-2012 09:22 PM

Flipin, I have also this problem - I put in anything at all, it disappears a few hours later ;p the best hold and curl product I have found so far, is a combination of Foxxy Curl spray, followed by TiGi Curlesque Curling Creme. Other than that, I can't find a single mousse or gel that holds :( and I still have to supplement the Curlesque with a bit of gel and hair spray. I don't know why my hair has no hold - I did a thread on that, and I got excellent recommendations to add a natural protein treatment of yogourt, honey and oil occasionally..and to NOT touch my hair or use a diffuser, this has helped too...

The Aussie Instant freeze worked the first time, really well, then never again
:( also I tried Herbal Essences Totally twisted gel, which worked the first few times pretty well, but never again after that. (How does that happen, anyways?) I think I will try the Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, I am out of options...

Please let me know if you two have any success...or if Dresdendoll comes back, I'd like to know what she uses. I am thinking of making some Flax-Seed Gel, (FSG) as many here seem to like it, and it was recommended to me as an answer to my "no-hold" problem...good luck! ;) and keep me posted!

Flipnwavy 11-30-2012 10:03 PM

So Knotty, do you think that there could be "cones" or some other ingredient in those products that could be causing build-up, which would then in-turn, no longer work so well? Hmmm...

So, not diffuse, huh? I diffuse all of the time, recently, I have been able to diffuse on HIGH power, warm temp, without frizz, but again, once I SOTC, the look doesn't last. The other morning I mixed my Biotera with some LA Looks Sport Gel for perhaps more "hold"; it made my hair "curlier", but the hold wasn't much better. It seemed too producty.

Maybe in the morning I will try less gel mixture and refrain from diffusing. I will let you know how it turns out. You guys chime in anytime!

bobby 12-01-2012 12:10 PM

I'm a 2b, if you have room for a brother.:)

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