Who thinks people with straight hair are lucky because their hair never is frizzy?

I hate it when my hair gets frizzy after I take a shower or gets frizzy in the summer.
me! i had straight hair when I was little. I miss it. now I have 2b hair. Sometimes it gets so curly (like when I was in florida last week) that it turns from 2b to 3a. the frizz never ends.
Sometimes straight haired girls deal with frizz but its pretty rare

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Me. I think so.
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Sometimes straight haired girls deal with frizz but its pretty rare

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Originally Posted by ShayShampagne
Most the girls I know with straight hair that is prone to frizz are actually probably 2s. I can blow out my hair to look like it's straight--but it's not. Damp air, and out comes the frizz, and if it's damp enough, curl will start showing up.

I never realized my hair was that wavy until I had a stylist ask me if I ever scrunched my hair to bring out the waves.
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Haha and here I was wishing my oldest was at least a 2a so I could do something about her straight hair frizz Poor girl's got fine, thin, straight hair that frizzes at the slightest drop in humidity.
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I dunno... I spent my entire life wishing I had wavy hair instead of limp, fine, straight hair. Now I have wavy hair and I just love it. Even on frizzy days! When it was straight, it looked awful when I'd pull it back because it was just so severe. When I wore it down, it had no body and just hung there. Now when I pull my hair back, it's so soft looking around my face and it doesn't look limp anymore when I wear it down. I think overall, wavies have the better end of the deal.
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