Help with products, please!

Hi everyone!

My hair type is 2c and I recently had "the big chop" to begin the process of growing it out healthy.

I was wondering what are the best products for my hair type that are also affordable.

Thanks for all the help!
Hair properties are much more important than curl type.

Here is a link to help you figure those out.
Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

Are you CG or use sulfates/silicones?
Coarse texture, normal-high porosity, normal elasticity (Komaza Care), very weak waves
cleanser: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo, CJ Daily Fix

rinse out: GVP Conditioning Balm, CJ Beauticurls, CJ Smoothing

jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

Oops, sorry forgot to include that.

From what I can gather I have medium hair with low porosity.

There is so much information concerning products and techniques and such. I just want to know what is a good shampoo/conditioner to use for my hair type. Perhaps other products to use, like leave in conditioners or deep conditions as well. Any product that will help me maintain the health and intergrity of my hair during the process of growing it out. On a budget of course.

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