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hp444 11-20-2012 10:20 AM

Type 2 - your stories? :)
I was reading a few posts on the forum about people using the CG method and posting before and after pictures of how their hair has changed since doing so, and thought it would be a nice idea to start a new post where everyone shares their stories on what products they have been using and what their routines are, posts pictures etc.

So, I'll start!...
When I was little my hair was quite curly, and as I got older, it became wavy, and then curly again. For the past few years since I began styling and dying my hair, when left to dry naturally it would dry near enough straight with a few frizzy kinks through it. Since around June/July this year I have stopped using heat on my hair, and now I only use it once a month, if that.

I was using Tresemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner, and I noticed some waves coming back to my hair.

In August I started to wash my hair with shampoo about twice a week and condition my hair every day (because I hated having second day hair), but I found that the tresemme conditioner was too thick for my hair to be using everyday so I switched to something basic like Loreal for damaged hair or Dove.

I stuck to the washing a couple of times a week, and conditioning every day until about a month and a half ago when I stopped conditioning every day and just did it when I washed my hair with shampoo twice a week.
I began looking into sulfate-free shampoos a few weeks ago but wasn't able to find any in any shops (I live in England), so I just bought the only one I could find at the time, which was a two in one Schwarzkopf Supersoft shampoo and conditioner for kids, which doesn't have any sulfates or harsh chemicals in it. I've used it a couple of times and already my hair is much shinier and feels healthier.

I alternate between conditioners. They include Tresemme Split Remedy conditioner, Dove Intensive Repair Express Conditioner and Dove Intensive Repair deep conditioner.

I am looking into buying a proper shampoo with no sulfates when I get a bit of money, but the kids one is doing brilliantly for now! :wink:

I think my hair is type 2b/2c, it is very wavy at the back but the layers underneath are quite curly. There are a few 'pieces' of hair that dry relatively straight compared to the rest of my hair (I think it might be because I would always style these pieces with hot tools most, as the straight parts are mostly around my face). My top layer also doesn't dry as wavy as my other layers which is quite annoying but I don't dislike it. :smile:

I would say that my hair is medium porosity, medium to high density, medium hair width and long.

I think I have included everything I wanted to share. Hopefully other people will share their stories and photos, it would be great to see how other people are doing! (By the way, I am new to the website and the terminology e.g cones etc and pretty much forums altogether so sorry if some stuff I said didn't make sense and bear with me! And sorry for the long post! I have a habit of making sure everything I do is detailed enough! :oops:)

The first photo was taken in August, when my waves started to come back but my hair was SO dry for some reason. The second was about a month and a half later in September and the last one was taken today (after a home made hair mask, a shampoo, and a deep conditioner).

bjsch 11-27-2012 12:24 PM

Your hair is pretty! As for my story:

As a child I had pretty straight hair on top that ended in ringlets, especially underneath. In the 80's I started getting perms, of course, and late 80's, early 90's as a tween/teen I was frequently a guinea pig for my sister and sister-in-law who were both in beauty school. So I had a lot of styles.

After that I started to grow it longer, all one length, no perms, and it barely waved. A few years ago my sister cut it fairly short and layered and it curled again. From then on I have been trying to encourage curl because my hair is fairly thin/limp/flat, and the more curl the better.

I found this site earlier this month by accident, as I was trying to find out if biotin would help or hurt my DD14's acne. Since both my girls are curlier than me (one a 2C-3A and the other a good 3B), I was happy to find this site. We immediately started on some of the methods here.

So for me, I'm having mixed results. We're starting out with drugstore brands. I have co-washed with Tresemme Naturals and used a sulfate free Loreal shampoo. After the shower I've used some Tresemme for a leave-in, I've used Herbal Essences Set Me Up mousse, and an HE spray gel.

The day I wash, my hair is usually flat and not very curly. I have combed in the shower and left it alone after scrunching with a tea towel, but that just leaves odd chunks. I have decided I need to comb after. It gets curlier for second day. I comb through it (there's no curls to mess up by then anyway), spray with water, and scrunch with my HE spray gel. It air dries and then I run fingers through or scrunch to make it not crispy. It looks fairly curly and decent then.

So, I am trying to decide on a product to encourage curl and volume. Looking at the 4Naturals serum for 2 & 3, but not many reviews out yet.

Sorry I don't have any pics.

jakrussel3 11-28-2012 10:27 PM

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I started using a sulfate free cleansing conditioner 3 years ago. After my scalp adjust, I noticed my hair becoming wavier. I didn't make the correlation and knew nothing about curly hair or the CG method. Fast forward a year and I find out I have Celiac disease and can no longer eat wheat. I never thought about it being in my health/beauty products though. Fast forward 8 months and I noticed I was developing a rash on my forehead after showering, but it didn't itch or hurt and went away after about 15 minutes. Fast forward 4 more months and I'm in tears because my scalp feels like it's on fire. Discover there's wheat in my cleanser and discontinued use. I switch back to sulfate shampoo while researching wheat free/sulfate free alternatives. In my search, I kept coming to curly hair websites. I started reading articles about CG methods, threads in this forum, the DevaCare website, and some other websites. I wondered what my hair would do if I encouraged the wave. My mom had really curly hair. Big fat cherub curls. I knew I had waves in my underlayer and in my bangs, but I really didn't think I had much anywhere else.

So, to keep things REALLY simple, I just went ahead and bought DevaCare low poo, one c, and arc angell. I was SO impressed with my results that first day, although now I look back and giggle at how my wave was barely there compared to how it is now, almost a year later.

about 5 months into CG, I finally felt educated and brave enough to begin experimenting with other products. I still stick with the DevaCare Low Poo and One C, but I stopped using the ArcAngell after finding out there was wheat in it. It was making my face itchy.

My hair properties/products are below, along with some photos. :) The photo of me in the pink is pre-CG, but post sulfate free. The mirror photo is day 1 of CG. The photos of me in the teal were taken this month, 11 months into CG. If you told my a year ago my hair would look like this, I'd have peed my pants laughing so hard in disbelief. I'm pleasantly surprised. :tongue3:

Roswenthe 11-29-2012 04:13 AM

So you know, there is a pretty long hair biographies thread just a little ways down on the first page.

hp444 11-29-2012 05:24 AM

Thanks for sharing your stories! Sorry, I didn't realise there were other posts similar to this!

bjsch, thankyou! Perhaps your hair needs more moisture? I find that when I do hair masks and use my deep conditioner, my hair seems a lot wavier/curlier than usual as it is less dry. As you could see in my first picture my hair looks very dry, which I believe was before I used any hair masks or deep conditioners and stuff :icon_smile:

jakrussel3, lovely pictures, your hair is gorgeous! I wish mine would form all over likes yours! Do you use any heat on your hair?

Thanks for the replies, guys.

jakrussel3 11-29-2012 08:57 PM

Yup, I diffuse until about 85-90% dry. If I let my hair air dry the entire time, it seriously takes a good 5 hours to dry enough to SOTC. I only wash my hair twice a week, so I don't feel like the diffusing damages my hair too much.

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