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Nailuvr 11-20-2012 12:31 PM

Drying problems
Okay, so I'm new to CG so maybe I've missed something along the way. But it sounds like one of the keys, especially for 2s with more nebulous curl patterns, is to make sure the hair dries fully before touching it so the wave/curl dries into it. My frustration with that comes that air drying my hair takes 6-9 hours and blow drying even with a diffuser, so far, just drops any curl pattern right out. Am I missing something? I have beautiful curls when wet and would be amazing if they dried in, but I can't sit around waiting all those hours and it's not worth the trouble if I only get a couple hours of dry, curly hair a day.

I think I'm a 2B. High porosity, medium density, probably on the coarser side of medium width, REALLY??? high elasticity, long (4" past BSL when scrunched, just touching waist length when flat ironed).

Ml001 11-20-2012 12:43 PM

Typically, long drying time is a sign of low-po hair. Of course, it's not the only one and there are exceptions to every rule, but I found that interesting.

Anyway, the Curls Like Us Towels have cut my drying time by a lot. I also use a big bowl diffuser to cup my hair in and hold it up against my head for a couple of minutes. I do 3-4 sections. The diffusing alone cut my drying time a little but the towels made a huge difference. Well worth the money for me.

Other things you might try if you haven't: plopping, and or scrunching with a t-shirt - microfiber towels are popular as well. Both help remove excess water, though nothing works for me like those CLU towels.

Also, if you are in a climate with low dew points/winter weather, your curls may droop a bit until summer and higher humidity returns. I can get 2c curls in summer but in winter I'm happy to get 2a and 2b is a great day.

I'm sure others will chime in with other thoughts an experiences, too. Hopefully you will find something that helps!

Nailuvr 11-20-2012 02:00 PM

The porosity thing makes sense. I guessed high porosity because even though it doesn't catch, there is definitely a squeak and somewhere around here I read that was high porosity.

That said, I've never felt like I had hair (when healthy) that needed any attention paid to how much product I put in, seemed to be fine with a lot or a little. Except right after a big cut when I think my glands need to readjust to less length needing less oil production and it gets really greasy within a few hours of washing for about a month after a big cut. And then the only other time is actually just the last couple weeks, out of nowhere anything I was putting in my hair was too much even when the very tips seemed to be begging for something and I would avoid the scalp, I was getting major greasiness. I attributed it to traveling from VA to PA to CT right at a time when it was winter and dry already up north but still temperate at home, so again overproduction from a shock to the system was my guess. Maybe it's possible this is actually a low porosity issue combined with fully functioning sebum glands?

I have been plopping with a tee shirt while wondering why in the world it is such a great thing as it's instantly soaked and doesn't seem to draw the moisture away at all. I've actually done a similar thing for years, when I wanted some curl, using a regular towel and putting styling product in before doing the "towel turban", but maybe the tee shirt isn't for me. I have microfiber and being a former cloth diapering momma, I have plenty of really good quality cotton diapers that I could try too. If all else fails, I'll buy that towel and try it. I'm in this for curls or bust.

I am bummed about discovering CG in November :( I'm sure August would have found me much curlier, but I'll see what I can get out of my hair for now.

Ml001 11-20-2012 03:44 PM

Oh yes, smooth and squeaky is low-po also. :) It takes extra time to get products in and also for water to get back out. Those diapers are a great idea to try.

Nailuvr 11-20-2012 04:03 PM

Well, I shall reset my brain to low-po and figure out what to do differently! Thank you!

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