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riotkitty 12-04-2012 01:08 PM

Don't Stick Your Hair in a Bowl Diffuser: An Old/New Discovery. Also Denman Love
For the last few years, it seems like uniform definition was hard to come by. I would occasionally get it if I coated my hair in gel or KCCC but then I'd have stiff, crispy and even flaky hair. It used to be I could use a light hold gel and got mostly uniform definition. I thought my hair had changed. I blamed henna, the climate, various products.

However, it always seemed like I had good definition until it came time to dry my hair. I tried remembering my old routine and realized I didn't start putting my hair in a bowl diffuser until about 3-4 years ago when I started having definition problems. Prior to that I used a Hot Sock diffuser and aimed the dryer at the sides of my hair while cupping them in my hand.

A few weeks ago, I tried my old Hot Sock technique with my bowl diffuser--aim it from the side rather than underneath and cupping the ends in my hands to keep the hair from blowing around. I start with the bottom area first and the blow dry with my head flipped over for volume and finally end with the top layers. I only dry it to about 60-70% and then let it finish air drying on its own. The result is loose, defined curls that have a mostly uniform pattern.

Also, I recently decided to try the Denman D3 after hearing wavies were getting definition from it. It took some trial and error, but it really does work, and it aids in creating root volume and keeping my cowlicks under control. Not only that, it also seems to help remove gunk from my scalp and I can go longer between shampoos (from a week to about week and a half) I use it in the shower twice. Once to distribute my rinse out and then again to distribute my leave-in in soaking wet hair. Then I scrunch out the excess water and style as usual (towel scrunch, plop for 10-15 min, scrunch in gel, towel scrunch once more then diffuse).

I had the old Goody version of the Denman and I loved it for smoothing my hair for ponytails, braids and buns, as well as for blow-drying my bangs straight. I never thought to use it in on wet hair as I was by the book CGer. I'll admit it still feels like I'm doing something wrong but I've had consistently good hair days since I started this.

hippiechic81 12-04-2012 03:56 PM

I'm intrigued by the Hot Sock Diffuser. How does it work exactly? How do you use it?:afro:

riotkitty 12-04-2012 06:15 PM

Hippiechic, Its a mesh sock that goes over the air nozzle of your hairdryer. The original hot sock is sold here in the store and on Amazon. There's a knockoff one at Sallys, but it has a smaller band around it and its made from a cheaper material. It works the same though. Its main advantage is that it fits a wider range of dryers and is super portable. Since its smaller than a bowl I could move it around and get into small areas with it. It has some drawbacks though. On some dryers it has a tendency to blow off, and I would have to keep a finger or my thumb on it to keep it on. Also you had to be careful not to let it touch your hair or your hair will stick to it.

Honestly, I get the same result from the bowl diffuser that I have now. The trick is to not let the diffuser touch your hair, but rather use it to blow diffused air and heat onto the hair to dry it. I also cup my hair in the opposite hand to keep the air from blowing it around in addition to holding the curl.

elizard 12-05-2012 12:13 AM

ooohh i didnt understand that you were using the bowl diffuser. i'm gonna give this a try.

riotkitty 12-05-2012 10:43 AM

Yeah I was so excited I typed this out super fast and made some mistakes. I made some edits for clarity.

Flipnwavy 12-08-2012 11:00 PM

I wonder if it would work to use the bowl diffuser while sporting a hair net/mesh? The idea is the same, where your hair is held up without having to actually "cup" it with your hand. Just a thought. I might give it a try unless any of you have had an bad experiences with this.

riotkitty 12-09-2012 11:29 AM

That might work too, but what I like about using my hands is if I can see whats going on while its dying, I can fix things before any wayward curls get too dry. My biggest hair goal is pattern uniformity.

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