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kimmycurl03 12-10-2012 09:02 PM

what is my hair type!? and what products to use?
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hey im new and i want to go CG. ive been reading alot of peoples posts on here but my hair is really weird lol. ive been straightening my hair for years since highschool. and im tired of the routine. but i dont even know how to style curly hair at ALL. i know that my hair is really wavy and ive been styling it curly for the past week and my waves are really weak!! and boring. i need help!

ive also been using Miss Jessies line of shampoo(creme de curl) and conditioner (creme de creme) for the past week, but im not sure if its the right product for my type of hair.

my hair care routine now is:
shampoo and condition with miss jessies. comb with wide tooth comb. use miss jessies conditioner as a leave in. use Tresseme anti frizz. scrunch and blow dry with a diffuser

a few questions i have are...
what is my hair type? (i know in my pictures my hair doesnt have alot of definition, thats because i personally dont know how to style my waves)
what products should i use for my hair?
and what is a good protien product for my hair too?
what type of haircut is best for waves?

i know my hair is long and fine. its not thick. i will post pictures
((some of the pictures are from a while ago...the most recent one is the one of the back of my hair....ugh my hair is so damaged you can see where i dyed my hair!!))

thank you sooo much!!!

tamiu 12-11-2012 03:58 AM

I think your hair could be 3a. You have jus started CG, so it will improve. Your hair is pretty, I hope you will like it more:) One of the hardest part is deciding your curl type, I have trouble with that too.

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