Problems with Plopping, Products and Routine

This is my first post to Naturally Curly. I am struggling to go curly because I haven't found any products that I feel make my hair look the way that I want it to. My longer layers of hair form loose spirals but my top layers of hair are very frizzy and don't curl very much at all. I tried plopping but my hair seems to get matted on the top of my head instead of falling into place when it is dry. I was wondering what products other wavies use and what their routine is. Has anyone else experienced the same problems that I have with frizz and plopping?

P.S. I apologize in advance if I have not followed proper forum etiquette. I am new to all of this!

hair type: 2b (I think), fine, BSL (when straight), layered
Aside from the plopping, what products and techniques are you using? I personally only plop to keep my hair out of the way while I get dressed. Once I'm dressed I take the plop down- no more than 5-10 minutes. Any more than that and my curls start to look strange.

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I haven't found a routine or products that I love yet but here is what I do:

-I use sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner

-I use a microfibre towel to dry my hair, just enough so that it isn't dripping. I then apply some sort of oil to the ends of my hair or/and Lush R&B balm. After that, I use a wide tooth comb and my fingers to remove knots. At this point I decide what products to apply to my hair. I section my hair, scrunch the product in and allow my hair to air dry.

Lately I have had the best results with AG beach bomb but am willing to try something new. I have tried tresemmes flawless curls defining gel and I have had some good results. AG re:coil weighed down my hair and for some reason Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion no longer works in my hair(it used to be my HG product).

Do you comb your hair before or after you plop? Do you apply products to your hair before you plop? I will have to try only plopping for a few minutes.

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I gently scrunch in my curl enhancer while upside down to soaking wet hair and then plop into a long sleeve shirt. After 20 mins I take it down, scrunch in my gel and plop into a flour sack towel. I like to separate the two and double plop because my hair is very thick and seems to do better but it's all personal preference.

Most people will apply their styling products before plopping. My hair can look a little wonky after the first plop so I gently arrange the hair that's going crazy and set my "part" right before I scrunch in my gel.
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I'm a 2C/3A and I've found that plopping doesn't work for me either. I have very flat wavy hair when I don't follow my routine. When I use these products I get awesome soft curls.

My products:

Shampoo: Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus
Conditioner: Tre'Semme Naturals Conditioner
Leave-In: Pureology Leave-In Treatment
Gel: Curl Gel Les'C
Mousse: Nexus Phyto Organics Volumuzing Mousse
Texturizing Spray: Not You're Momma's Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray

My routine:

I apply the leave-in and gel in the shower, scrunch with a big t-shirt, I use clips in my roots while I do my make-up, once I finish my make-up I apply mousse and spray, then I pixie diffuse.

This routine leaves me with soft beautiful weightless curls and no frizz. It does take some time so I try to keep my hair for the second day.

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Maybe it has to do with the fine-ness of your hair. I'm a fine-hair person too, and plopping more than about 5 minutes winds up with a flat top and weird smushed waves.
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