Hello ladies,
I am coming back after a long time (SO busy with work and school). I have been mod-CG for 11 months. I was just wondering of any tips for thin haired wavies. My hair is thin and fine. I have bought a billion products but am still never happy with my hair. I see many people on here where their hair has gone from barely there waves to curls and I am TOTALLY jealous! I would give anything for curls. So just looking for help for us thin haired people. Also my hair is pretty long which I am sure weighs down my waves but I feel like a boy with short hair :/. Thanks so much ladies!

Hair type: 2a/2b. Fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity.
Many of the ladies I know with thin and due hair seem to love magnesium sulfate. I heard some good things about the Beautiful Curls products for this.
As far as change in curl pattern, some people see drastic change and others don't. I suspect it has something to do with how healthy your hair is to begin with. My curl pattern didn't change much at all.
Long hair doesn't have to necessarily mean weighed down hair. Layers are a huge help do eliminating weigh down without sacrificing length. The biggest difference I saw in my curls was when I went from strictly long layers to a mix of long an short layers.

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When I was young, my hair was fine, but really dense. Age, thyroid and a medication I take have thinned it out. When I was shoulder length, my hair was "skimpy." Once I went to a chin length, inverted bob, it made it look like I had hair on my head once again. Unless you put in extensions, or do something like that, your hair won't look dense, especially when long.

Curl is another issue. Before I started lurking on, I never used products (or technique for that matter.) I read, read and read some more. Learned how to take care of my hair and maximize my curl. Went from winter wavy/summer 3a to hair like my signature picture all of the time. Can't guarantee more curl, but once you really learn about your hair and what to do--curl may or may not tighten.

Fine hair generally likes protein. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. I find that it tightens curl and reduces frizz.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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Corrina- I do already have layers but thanks for the suggestion. I will have to look into the beautiful curls line

Kathy- I will definitely try more protein. I just can not rock the short hair. I am tall too so it looks bad with my body shape.

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