BRHG and Devalcurl Arc Angel gel

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what is the difference between Biosilk Rock Hard Gel, and Devacurl Arc Angel Gel?

I use Arc Angel now and like it.... but I see all these posts with tons of people using the BRHG.
Is there a difference between the two?
are they similiar?

The word "Rock Hard" kinda scares me off from using the BRHG.

thanks for your input on this!
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BRHG has even stronger hold than the ArcAngell. Arc Angell is hard hold and BRHG is super duper hard hold. Arc Angell provided me with hard hold that lasted for days but allowed clumping. I've tried BRHG too, and it gave me super duper crunchy, stringy, ramen noodle curls. It's definitely a love it or hate it product. I tried BRHG alone and I tried mixing a drop or two with my other gels (in my hands, not the bottles). No dice. My hair hates it.
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Ok...thank you. I'll do a little more research on it. Thank you!!

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