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JennaBug 01-27-2013 06:12 PM

Help with Second day hair
Hey 2's!

I am now a month into CG. I have to say I am loving the results, so far! I am slowly finding the right combos of products, a routine, and getting to know what my hair does and doesn't like. My curls are more defined, soft, and healthy. I am ecstatic to find that I can stretch 2-3 days between washes...something I would never even attempted a month ago due to excessive greasiness. My only problem is 2nd day hair. It always seems frizzy, and the the curls separated. Sometimes they even go flat. I know it won't look like the first day, but I see a lot of girls love their 2nd day hair...and I want to, too!

For some background info I will give a brief synopsis of my daily routine:
I alternate co-wash and cleansing the scalp (every 2-3 days) followed by conditioner that I rinse completely out. I scrunch out as much water as possible, then apply the SheaM curl smoothie, and scrunch again with my cotton towel, then scrunch in some gel. I either let that dry or zap it quickly with a diffuser. Sometimes I clip at my roots, although I am still experimenting with that technique.

Before bed, I apply a dry shampoo to my root line/part and then pineapple. In the AM is where I get lost. I've tried spritzing with just water, water+co, water+gel, I have tried several "refreasher" sprays...and a several combos of all the above...nothing seems to hold, and often leaves my hair feeling dry and coarse (1st day its soft and shiny)

Does any one out there have any tips, or products to try??? Any help would be very appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

Cristy_amk 01-27-2013 06:33 PM

I'm a 2cish. After quite a few months I found I could not pineapple. My hair would come out tangled and dull looking. I think the delicate nature of our curls maybe can't handle being pulled up like that? I tried method after method and all failed for me. Anyway, I invested in a silk pillowcase and started sleeping with my hair down! Couldn't imagine this would work for me! Now I get up in the morning. Take a spritz bottle of water and gently mist the underside of my hair and start detangling there. I put a little KCCC on my fingertips and gently detangle. I only detangle the top if absolutely necessary. I spritz it first and again apply a bit of the KCCC (I make my palms flat and coat the hair. I try not to rake too much as it just pulls the curl out and causes more separation). KCCC adds a lot of shine to my hair. I also try not to judge my hair by how it looks when I initially spritz it and manipulate it. As it dries the hair springs up a bit so if it looks flat don't be tempted to touch it! Just try to let it be and do it's magic! Overtouching my hair is a big no no!

I haven't used a dry shampoo since I went back to CG. Not sure if this impacts anything? Since you only do a root application I'd think not.

JennaBug 01-27-2013 07:55 PM

I never thought of not pineapple-ing! I do notice it really pulls the curl out of my underlayer, which makes my layers look a little funky. I need to find a good satin or silk pillow case, the one I have is cheap-o and feels just as coarse as a cotton one, maybe that's an issue too?

I have tried going without the dry shampoo, and I just find that it keeps the oil tamed a bit longer, and then I can maybe sneak an extra day between washes. Pre-CG my hair/scalp was super, couldn't go a day without washing it...really bad. I have found this new routine to balance out my oil production, the dry shampoo just adds some insurance.

And I am really bad at touching my hair, but I am getting better! I find especially on 2nd day, I keep touching it, trying to decrease the frizz, or retouch a curl to make it lay right which always ends up backfiring! I need to just let it be!!

Thanks for your input and I will try the things you mentioned!!

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