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anonymous_135172 01-31-2013 07:39 PM

Hair fork for more volume
I have 2b/c hair , medium porosity , low/medium density, medium elasticity almost bsl long fine hair. I have just cut my hair in long layers myself to gain more volume ( can not find a stylist in my area that can cut curly hair :( )
While I was experimenting a few days ago with duck bill clips and jaw clips I was searching for something less complicated to add volume I came across one of my hair forks ( been using them for years to put my hair up ) .
My hair was about 50% dry, I carefully gathered it loosely on top of my head , secured it with the fork and left it until my hair was dry.
For the first time since starting cg I had great root volume and overall volume with defined curls.
Worked well for second day hair, just mist with water scrunch, pile it, when dry I just shake it out.
I have not seen a lot of hair forks in the US, but I will try to post pics so you can see what it looks like ( my forks are 1 and 2 pronged metal with jewels or colored marbles on top, the wooden ones don't work well with wet hair), as soon as I figure out how to post pics :-)

This is what they look like

Mimee03 02-13-2013 07:51 AM

How does that pin hold all of your hair? Sounds interesting! I'll do anything for volume.

anonymous_135172 02-13-2013 09:19 AM

My daughter has elbow length very thick hair and it works for her hair too.
I think it functions a lot like plopping, just without the shirt/towel and dries faster. I really can not describe it other then I bend down loosely gather my hair ( like pineappling ) twist it very loose once and stick the fork in :-) so it rests on top of the head. I will try to post pics later today.
It also works for me with 2 ink pens or chop sticks in a pinch. But like I said I have been using them for over 20 years and its second nature to me and so hard to explain.

rymorg2 02-20-2013 05:39 AM

Glad it works for you!

There are plenty of hair forks in the US but you tend to hear of them more often on the long haired boards first, that's how I found out about them. I use them all the time. They're WONDERFUL!

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