I really want to try out some products from Curl Junkie! It seems like this line gets pretty good reviews across the board, and it's not too terribly expensive. I'm on a budget, so I'm trying to keep my "trial an error" to a minimum...if that's at all possible

For rinse-out conditioners, I'm thinking either BeautiCurls A&OO or BeautiCurls Strengthening. Does anyone know if Keratin Amino Acids (in the Strengthening condish) are light or heavy proteins? I have fine hair and would consider adding a light protein, but want to stay away from the heavier ones.

So, has anyone had any experience with CJ products? If so, which ones have you been pleased with for your hair type? Also, if you have any feedback for styling products/leave-ins from CJ I would love to hear those as well!

Other CJ products I'm considering:
-Coffee Coco Curl Cream Lite
-Curl Queen Gel
-Curl Assurance Lotion (as a leave-in)
2C/B; Low porosity; Fine; Med. density

Low-Poo: L'Oreal Evercurl
CO: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: SN Coconut; CJ Smoothing Lotion
LI: Ouidad Curl Quencher
Style: CJ CCCCL; CiaB; FSG!
PT: Gelatin
Modified CG since 2/13